Wednesday, September 30, 2009

It has already been a long week

I dont know about you, but it feels like it should be Friday already.

Better watch it, you never know where I may turn up.

Terrell Daily Photo & Texas Daily Photo, the original daily picture websites for Terrell.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Wrap it up

A few more pictures from Jamie Foxx day last Saturday. If you missed any of the other pictures, click on the Jamie Foxx tag at the bottom of this post.

Tricia has her latest story, this one about Gilbert Willie Jr. on the Tribune site.

A view from the press box

The Ice House band had a dance contest at the end of their set. Remember the girl that was dancing on the side? There she is on the left. The Lady with the red scarf is Mayor of a Texas town, but I didn't write down which one.

The football player won.

Passing time between Ice House band performing and the start of the events.

The Tiger band.

My week 3 NFL picks looked more like week 1 than week 2 thank goodness. I finished the week 12-4, bringing my total 33-15 for the year. I may be wrong, but I think Cliff finished the week a respectable 10-6. I'll take coke please.
Frank Gores injury was my downfall in fantasy football this week. I lost by 6 points. My record is 2-1.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Tigers fall to Wranglers

With all of the Jamie Foxx pictures, I didn't mention the Tigers lost their first game Friday night to West Mesquite 27-16. It was a close game, Cliff has the details.

Flights of our Fathers Fly-In

Saturday is the Flights of our Fathers Fly-In at the Terrell Municipal Airport. Gates open at 7:30. Admission is $5. Bring your camera and join me taking pictures. When you get home from the fly-in, upload your pictures to flickr then add them to the flickr Terrell Fly-In photo group.


Also on the agenda is a dinner/dance Friday night and a pancake breakfast Saturday morning. Click on the banner for more information.

With a little help

Jamie Foxx in Terrell, Texas with his best friends from high school.

Click on any picture to enlarge.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Ice House warms up the crowd

Jamie Foxx day in Terrell, Texas started early. We got their around 8am, the gates opened around 8:30am. Ice House provided music to get everyone going.

Here is a very short clip of Jamie Foxx speaking to the crowd about growing up in Terrell.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Jamie Foxx Day Terrell, Texas Sept 26, 2009

I will have more pictures to share in the next few days. It was fun.

Jamie entered on a red carpet and gave high fives all the way down it.

Tricia got an interview with Jamie Foxx prior to his coming to town, read it here. Tricia also covered today's event for the Tribune, read her story here. Jamie spoke about being on the cover of the paper when growing up. I will have that clip online tomorrow.

Texas Governor Rick Perry was on hand. He was introduced first and took the stage while Jamie was coming down the red carpet. Here is Gov. Perry is taking a picture of the crowd with his phone. Seems like the new thing is taking pictures from the stage with your phones. I thought it was kinda funny. You will have to click to enlarge the picture to see it.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Skywatch Friday-Goals, Dreams, Values

Tomorrow morning Terrell welcomes home Jamie Foxx. Beginning at 10AM, a parade will travel down Moore Ave. from City Hall to Memorial Stadium. A presentation will be made at the stadium honoring Jamie Foxx and presenting him with the key to the city. Expected to attend the ceremony will be Texas Gov. Rick Perry, State Senator Bob Duell and State Representative Betty Brown. Tricia of the Terrell Tribune has a great story about the visit.

Tickets to the program at the stadium have already been distributed, but come out to Terrell, line Moore Ave. then stay and have lunch in town. How many times will get you the chance to see an Academy Award winner in person ?

Click the photo to enlarge

Click here for more Skywatch Friday.

The Terrell Tigers begin district play tonight in Mesquite against the West Mesquite Wranglers. Cliff has a preview of the game. Game time is 7:30PM and can be heard on KPYK 1570-AM.

The State Fair of Texas starts today. We normally wait and go during a weekday to avoid the crowds.

Week 3 NFL picks - lets hope I can do better than last week.

Cleveland 0-2 (Road: 0-1)
xBaltimore 2-0 (Home: 1-0)

Washington 1-1 (Road: 0-1)
xDetroit 0-2 (Home: 0-1)

Jacksonville 0-2 (Road: 0-1)
xHouston 1-1 (Home: 0-1)

xSan Francisco 2-0 (Road: 1-0)
Minnesota 2-0 (Home: 0-0)

Atlanta 2-0 (Road: 0-0)
xNew England 1-1 (Home: 1-0)

Kansas City 0-2 (Road: 0-1)
xPhiladelphia 1-1 (Home: 0-1)

xGreen Bay 1-1 (Road: 0-0)
St. Louis 0-2 (Home: 0-0)

xNY Giants 2-0 (Road: 1-0)
Tampa Bay 0-2 (Home: 0-1)

Tennessee 0-2 (Road: 0-1)
xNY Jets 2-0 (Home: 1-0)

xNew Orleans 2-0 (Road: 1-0)
Buffalo 1-1 (Home: 1-0)

xChicago 1-1 (Road: 0-1)
Seattle 1-1 (Home: 1-0)

xPittsburgh 1-1 (Road: 0-1)
Cincinnati 1-1 (Home: 0-1)

Denver 2-0 (Road: 1-0)
xOakland 1-1 (Home: 0-1)

Miami 0-2 (Road: 0-1)
xSan Diego 1-1 (Home: 0-1)

xIndianapolis 2-0 (Road: 1-0)
Arizona 1-1 (Home: 0-1)

Carolina 0-2 (Road: 0-1)
xDallas 1-1 (Home: 0-1)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Terrell pecans

The pecans are coming along. Probably have two more months before we can pick them. These are from the tree in our back yard. We have two more trees in the front yard.

It was chilly this morning, the temperature was in the mid 50s.

The morning news show I watch is CBS 11. Every morning they visit with Jody Dean and his morning team at KLUV. Yesterday morning they were talking about Jamie Foxx coming to visit Terrell this weekend and KLUV linked to my site.

Jamie Foxx visits this Saturday, the following weekend Terrell hosts Flights of our Fathers Fly-In. Bring your camera, I will be doing a photowalk at the Fly-In starting at 11AM. Click on the link to the right for more Fly-In details.

NFL picks tomorrow.

I am looking forward to watching Flash Forward tonight. I love all of the new shows coming on, but I probably will only stay with one or two. There just isn't enough time to watch TV all night.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Lunch is served

I showed you my lunch yesterday. I found these two trying to enjoy their lunch.

Not sure this one wanted to be photographed.

Hanging on

Do you ever feel like you are over staying your welcome? Like its time to move on? Like you don't fit in? I like you are in way over your head? Like your season has passed?

You may have to enlarge the picture, but this dried up leaf has found part of a spiders web to latch onto. The leaf doesn't want to fall. The thread from the spiders web is doing something that its not made for, holding up the leaf. Soon both will fail. The spiders web thread (Tony), it's showing signs of stress and will probably break soon. Once it breaks, the leaf (we will call it Wade) will go crashing down to earth. One will disappear forever, the other to be ground into mulch.

Just having a bit of fun for my Cowboy friends and coworkers. They get upset so easy.

Yesterday was also the first day of Fall.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Cole Mountain lunch

Its been a while since I had been to Cole Mountain. So we paid a lunch time visit.

Barbeque plate, sliced and chopped beef, cole slaw, cowboy beans and a roll, $4.95 lunch special.


Yesterday was the first chance I have had to mow my yard in two weeks. My back yard was a jungle. This time I missed the frogs, the ant pile wasn't so lucky. A thunderstorm rolled through last night, so I got the yard done just in time.

Peyton Manning and bad clock management at the end of the game by Miami kept my week 2 NFL picks over .500, I finished the week 9-7. I knew I should have picked the NY Giants over the Cowboys. Overall I am 21-11, not a bad start.

Cliff lists the 4 teams he loves to see lose. My 4 are USC, Oklahoma, (both on Cliffs list) and Notre Dame and Alabama.

My fantasy football team won, I am now 2-0.

Monday, September 21, 2009

THS Cheer

What football game is complete without cheerleaders to fire up the crowd and root the team on?

I haven't checked my NFL picks, but I dont think I did very well. It was a wild day. My favorite has to be the Jets getting over on the Patriots. I know its early but this is a good weekend to review.

USC coach Pete Carroll in January after Mark Sanchez announced he was going pro:

“The facts are so strong against this decision,” Carroll said. “After analyzing all the information, the truth is there — he should’ve stayed for another

Weekend Scoreboard:

Washington 16
USC 13

NY Jets 16
New England 9

The State Fair of Texas begins on Friday. Are you going?

Some people in Arlington were upset that the new Cowboys stadium was being called the Palace in Dallas, when its actually in Arlington. They should be upset that the Cowboys lost. The Palace in Dallas has a nice ring to it, I hope it sticks. Remember when Michael Irvin was playing and the Cowboys would play on Monday night at Texas stadium, Irving, Texas was always called Irvin, Texas because the announcers didn't know any better.

I am taking today off, I have work to do around the house. See you tomorrow.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Bishop Lynch vs. Terrell Tigers

My band photos turned out better than the football photos. It just gives me something to work on for the next game. Terrell won the game 31-21. Terrells record heading into district play is 4-0.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Halftime entertainment

A few more band pictures from the football game Friday night.

Tiger marching band

Last night was the first home game for the 2009 Terrell Tigers football team. OV has photos of the game. Here are a few photos of the band at half time.

The Tigers took on Bishop Lynch and moved their record to 4-0 winning 31-21. Check the Tribune tomorrow a the recap of the game. I will go through all of my game pictures and post some on Sunday.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Skywatch Friday-Game Day

Not at the field below, its going to be a few days before that field is playable. Tonight is the home opener for the Terrell Tigers football squad, kickoff at 7:30PM. Cliff has a preview of the game here. If you cant make it to the game listen live at 1570AM KPYK.

Catch all the other Skywatch Friday sites here.

Here are my week 2 NFL picks. I would like to pick the Giants over the Cowboys, but not in the opener of the Cowboy stadium. I don't see any way the Cowboys lose.

Carolina 0-1 (Road: 0-0)
xAtlanta 1-0 (Home: 1-0)

xMinnesota 1-0 (Road: 1-0)
Detroit 0-1 (Home: 0-0)

Cincinnati 0-1 (Road: 0-0)
xGreen Bay 1-0 (Home: 1-0)

Arizona 0-1 (Road: 0-0)
xJacksonville 0-1 (Home: 0-0)

xOakland 0-1 (Road: 0-0)
Kansas City 0-1 (Home: 0-0)

xNew England 1-0 (Road: 0-0)
NY Jets 1-0 (Home: 0-0)

xNew Orleans 1-0 (Road: 0-0)
Philadelphia 1-0 (Home: 0-0)

Houston 0-1 (Road: 0-0)
xTennessee 0-1 (Home: 0-0)

St. Louis 0-1 (Road: 0-1)
xWashington 0-1 (Home: 0-0)

Seattle 1-0 (Road: 0-0)
xSan Francisco 1-0 (Home: 0-0)

Tampa Bay 0-1 (Road: 0-0)
xBuffalo 0-1 (Home: 0-0)

xPittsburgh 1-0 (Road: 0-0)
Chicago 0-1 (Home: 0-0)

xCleveland 0-1 (Road: 0-0)
Denver 1-0 (Home: 0-0)

xBaltimore 1-0 (Road: 0-0)
San Diego 1-0 (Home: 0-0)

NY Giants 1-0 (Road: 0-0)
xDallas 1-0 (Home: 0-0)

Monday September 21, 2009

xIndianapolis 1-0 (Road: 0-0)
Miami 0-1 (Home: 0-0)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Tiger Up!

Only one more day till the Terrell Tigers football team plays its first home game of the year. Lets make sure these stands are filled full of Tiger boosters. Tigers are off to a great start, time to show some support. The Tigers play at Memorial Stadium, Google Ben Gill Park for directions. Kickoff is 7:30PM.

I took this picture before the rain started last Thursday. I needed to see what nice sky's looked like.

I will have my NFL picks tomorrow. I will be looking to improve my 12-4 start.

Would you believe me if.....

I said it rained again yesterday?

My latest You Tube addiction is watching the auditions for Britain's X Factor 2009.

If you want to rock watch this one.

If you want to cry watch this guy.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Defense wins championships

We got a bit of sunshine today, just a little. The rain is suppose to be back this afternoon, but not stay around so long. Most of the puddles disappeared by the afternoon. To my friends to the east getting the rain...sorry.

The good girl, Jordan, won Big Brother 11 last night. Summer is now over.

Cliff has given the tough Terrell Tiger defense a nickname. You will have to visit his site, The Full Count v2.0 to find out what it is. I think I like it.

Terrell's defense is second in class 4A in yards allowed in the Dallas area.

Swine flu seems to be everywhere, but thankfully it hasn't hit anyone at my work. How about where you work?

I am no fan of President Bush, but do we really need this? Does the ex-speech writer need $$$$ that bad?

I don't mean to repeat myself but don't forget, Terrell will welcome home Jamie Foxx on September 26th. There will be a presentation at Memorial Stadium at 10am. Admission into the stadium is by ticket only. Tickets are available through local churches or the Terrell Chamber of Commerce. You can also line Moore Ave. from Adelaide to the football stadium for the motorcade from City Hall. How often will you get a chance to see up close an Oscar winning actor? The best place to be may be along Moore Ave. at Bradshaw St. where a street topper will be placed on the street sign.

Could the first regular season Cowboy game in the new stadium not sell out? That's what the Dallas news is reporting. They have to sell all tickets before 7:15 Thursday night. I think Mr. Jones will make sure there are no tickets left.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

We got a break

I wasn't the only person to head down to Ben Gill Park during a break in the rain. It's suppose to finally start to clear up today. I was going to use this for Skywatch Friday, but I have another photo I like for that. This is how our sky has looked since last Thursday.

Click the picture to enlarge.

Tonight is the last show for Big Brother 11. Who will be crowned chamption? Look for me in next years Big Brother 12. If you think you have what it takes, fill out an application.

First week of the NFL is history and I could have done better in my picks. This week no homer picks. I ended the week 12-4.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Flights of our Fathers Fly-In photowalk

Bring your family and friends to Terrell Municipal Airport on Oct 3rd at 11AM for a photowalk at the Flights of our Fathers Fly-In. Last years fly-in was fun and the weather was great. Lets hope for a repeat.

This is an opportunity to photograph sights that we don't get to see in Terrell every day. Send an email to for more details.

On display will be vintage planes, vintage military vehicles and antique cars. The British Flying Training School Museum will be open for tours with a docent or on your own. About noon the Marines will post the colors. The Mayor will issue a proclamation, there will be a brief address, then the Commemorative Air Force fliers, skydivers and other aerobatics will begin. Admission to the fly-in is $5.

For details of the dinner/dance, pancake breakfast and the fly-in click on the banner to the right.
The picture is from last years fly-in, Ready for Duty.

Back to work

Going to work on Monday morning in the rain, what fun.

Fun opening weekend in the NFL. My fantasy team won and the Cowboys won.

Terrell defeated Seagoville 29-0 in high school football Friday night in a game that was called at half time because of the weather. Terrell plays their first home contest this Friday night against Bishop Lynch. If Terrell wins that game they will start district play on the 26th on the road against West Mesquite at 4-0. Terrell will probably have to win this Friday and next Friday before anyone at the big paper to the west starts to notice. The records of the teams Terrell has defeated this year is 0-7. Bishop Lynch is 2-1.

I got hit square upside the head with a big dose of reality this weekend, that's never fun.

I watched the MTV VMAs last night. I liked the tribune to Michael Jackson to start the show, Janet was great (I saw her in concert in 1990 for free). Kanye West is a *****, I have purchased his music before, but never again. Google 'Kanye West VMAs', I am sure the You Tube clip will be pulled soon.

All of this rain has kept me and my camera indoors. We have more rain expected this week.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

More rain

It is still raining. Some parts of the Dallas area have already gotten over 8" of rain with another 2"-3" today. Rain in the forecast all week.

At least we have the NFL today.