Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Last football post until August.....maybe

Prior to the game being called last night, Terrell did turn in a few good plays. This is one of them. A beautiful interception to kill a Forney drive.

The Tigers next chance to make a good impression will be on August 20th when the scrimmage at Sulphur Springs.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

7 on 7 ends early for Tigers and Jackrabbits

Tonight I went to Forney to watch the Tigers participate in the 7 on 7 passing league. This was the final week. In the first game of the night Terrell defeated Rockwall Heath. The nightcap was against Forney A team. The Tigers had a chance to finish the league with a 6-1-1 record and confidence going into the fall football season. Terrell jumped out to a 19-6 lead before halftime..........

Its no secret that Terrell and Forney do not like each other. Every time they play it is intense. As the game developed the play got more physical, with each team giving hard and harder "touches". The final play was a Tiger catching the ball and getting a forearm to the back and ending up on the ground. After that emotions got the best of both teams. Both benches cleared and a lot of pushing and shoving ensued before the game was called.

What could have been a positive experience ended abruptly and instead will leave a lot of question marks going into the fall season.

This was the final play of the night for both teams.

Front page news

Brian and I made the front page of the Terrell Tribune for the Photo Walk on July 24th. I hate the picture they have of me. My new Facebook profile picture looks better.

Join us on the 24th to take pictures and explore Terrell. You don't have to stay on Moore Ave.

Explore the historic residential streets, including Griffith Ave. and 1st Street.

Head over to Ben Gill Park for Geocaching.

Visit Oakland Cemetery to discover over 100 year old graves sites including Robert Terrell, the founder of Terrell, and his wife.

Veterans of the every major war, including the civil war.

The graves of British pilots killed while training in Terrell during WWII.

Frank Reaugh, known as the "Dean of Texas Painting" is also buried in Oakland.

You don't have to have a fancy camera, bring anything that works. Register for the walk by clicking the link on the right.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Terrell, Texas Monday Morning Mashup

Five days till vacation.

Brian from Texas Daily Photo is hosting this years Photo Walk. The walk will being at 9AM on July 24th. Hit the link on the right to sign up. Email Brian with any questions about the walk. It is sure to be a fun morning.

This is old City Hall located just off Moore Ave.

Seven on seven football comes to an end tomorrow night. The Tigers take on Rockwall Heath at 6:30. Their 7:30 opponent will be determined after the early games. Terrell won the league championship game last year. Will they get the chance to repeat?

Had a burger out on Ham Orchards pavilion yesterday. Just what I needed before getting my peach ice cream cone.

The only album added to the Facebook page in the last week was from 7 on 7 week 3. Brian has some nice shots from East Texas Choppers. Check his site and his Facebook page. Make sure you hit "like" for both of our Facebook pages.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

East Texas Choppers and Softails

I wasn't able to make it out to East Texas Choppers for the finish of the fun run. I am told they have great burgers at Softails. I am going to have to try one.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Terrell Veterans Memorial Fun Run

First group of riders taking off from East Texas Choppers in Terrell on the Terrell Veterans Memorial Fun Run.

Saturday breakfast

After a filling breakfast at Kountry Kitchen, off to East Texas Choppers for the start of the Terrell Veterans Memorial Fun Run. Stay tuned for pictures from the run. Dont forget to register for the Terrell Photowalk on July 24th. Click the Worldwide Photowalk link to the right.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Terrell Veterans Memorial Fun Run, Saturday the 26th

Tomorrow is the day for the Terrell for the Veterans Memorial Fun Run.

**Registration Time Starts @ 8:00 am**
or Pre register online at
All Proceeds will benefit the Terrell Veterans Memorial Park

$30.00 Per Bike
$200.00 VIP (Includes bike fee, 2 shirts, first out & food)

* Raffle, 50/50, Live Band, Vendors, Free Food
* Cards in by 4:00 pm
* Live Band Starts @ 3:00 pm
* Winner will be awarded @ 7:00 pm

Run begins at East Texas Choppers @ 11:00 am
1st Stop ~ Eddies Sports Bar
2nd Stop ~ Sports City
3rd Stop ~ Stables
4th Stop ~ Liquid Zoo
5th Stop ~ East Texas Choppers

Visit the Terrell Marine Corps League site for information about the Veterans Memorial, or if you would like to donate to the cost of the Memorial

Below is an artist rendering of the proposed Memorial Park in Ben Gill Park.

Skywatch Friday-2010 Terrell Tigers Varsity Football Schedule

It looked like rain yesterday morning on the way to work. We ended up getting nothing. More Skywatch Friday sites here.

Below is the 2010 Terrell Texas Tigers Varsity Football Schedule.
2010 Terrell Tigers

The schedule is also posted on the right side for easy reference. I'll try to clean it up, I realize it looks a bit sloppy.

Thursday, June 24, 2010


This big puppy was roaming the streets yesterday afternoon. I hope she was able to find her way home. She had a collar that said Princess, but no tags.

An album of pictures from Tuesdays football games are posted to the Facebook page.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Tigers take 2 on Tuesday

Terrell's 7 on 7 football team won both games last night in the 7 on 7 passing league. The Tigers were able to run past Mabank in the early game. The Tigers started slow in the second game, but put it together on both sides of the ball to pull away from North Forney in the second half. The Tigers take a 4-1-1 record into the final week. Next Tuesday, Terrell will take on Rockwall Heath in the opening game and a bowl game in the nightcap. I will have a complete album posted on Facebook later tonight from both of last nights games.

A note not related to sports. Do you ever notice the vehicles around you on your drive to or from work? Maybe you see the same license plate every day or a car that you want to buy is always next to you . You don't know the person driving it, but you recognize the car. That's the way it is for us on the drive to Plano every morning. We see the same cars every day. We have a neighbor who drives a work van into work. We see the van 2 or 3 times a week on the road. We don't know the driver, but we know the van. If we see it on the road, we know we are on time. Yesterday morning on the way to work on highway 205 we saw flashing lights. Not unusual because they always are running radar. As we got closer we noticed more flashing lights. The highway is a two lane country highway, but it has a lot of traffic going north in the morning. As we got to the lights we noticed the work van that we always see had wrecked. The ambulance was there and the van was in bad shape. It looked like it had crashed into a fence made of iron, the kind you see around pastures. As we drove past we felt like we knew the person in the van and could only pray he was alright. A few miles down the road the ambulance passed us going to the hospital. The work van was for a Dallas area electric company that I follow on Facebook. Shortly after getting to work, the company posted to Facebook about the accident and said the driver was in the hospital but would be OK. Lets hope he recovers fast.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Ch Ch Ch Ch Changes

Koffee Kake, a local favorite coffee shop, sandwich shop and bakery has moved into new digs. Its located four blocks north of Moore Ave. on the corner of E. Brin and N. Adelaide. Its a nice converted older home with lots of parking. Stop by for a visit.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Terrell, Texas Monday Morning Mashup

News from Terrell ISD is that Casey Rush has resigned as Tigers varsity baseball coach. Coach Rush guided the Tigers to the playoffs in 2009 & 2010. Terrell Athletic Director Chris Gilbert said Coach Rush did a great job while with the program and he will use all avenues in the search for a new coach.

The football Tigers resume play in the 7 on 7 passing league tomorrow night. The first game is against Mabank, the second game is against North Forney. The fun starts at 6:30PM. Photos from week 2 are posted to the Terrell Daily Photo Facebook page. Be sure to visit and hit the "like" button.

Much is being made about the Tigers being predicted to finish 7th in the new 15-4A football district. Twenty Peaceful Minutes user NorthTexUmp posted the record for all of the teams in 15-4A for the last 5 years. I will just wait to see how to games play out. Sometimes the long shot does pretty good.

Sign up for the Terrell Photo Walk on July 24th. We will be walking down historic Moore Ave. beginning at 9AM. It's sure to be a fun morning. Click on the link to the right to register.

My time in Saturdays Pioneer Days 5K was 34:37, I was hoping to be just a bit faster. The next race is the Too Hot to Handle on July 18th in Norbuck Park, White Rock Lake.

This Saturday the 26th is the Terrell Veterans Memorial Fun Run. All proceeds of the run will benefit the Terrell Veterans Memorial Park. The run will start at East Texas Choppers. Registration starts at 8:00AM, the run starts at 11:00AM. Cost is $30 per bike or $200 for VIP.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Eustace Pioneer Days

A few more shots from yesterday morning at the Pioneer Days in Eustace. Most of the vendors were just setting up. Some fixing breakfast.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Pioneer Days 5K winners

This is the overall winner and the female Masters winner from the 2010 Pioneer Days 5K in Eustace, Texas. My time was just a few seconds slower than my Polka Run time, I finished in 34:33.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Skywatch Friday-Summer like weather

The weather man said this hot Summer like weather would end on Sunday. Then he said Monday was the first day of Summer, and the weather would be hot Summer weather.

This was taken with my Blackberry.

Join us tomorrow in Eustace, Texas for the Pioneer Day 5K.

More Skywatch Friday sites are here.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Terrell, TX Photowalk 2010 info

Sign up for the Terrell, TX Photowalk by following the link to the right. Brian will be leading the walk this year. The date is July 24th from 9am-11am.

An album has been posted to Facebook featuring photos from Week 2 of the 7 on 7 league.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Kaufman 7 on 7 squad

A few shots of the Kaufman team participating in the 7 on 7 passing league.

7 on 7 football week 2

Terrell had better results last night in week 2 of the 7 on 7 passing league. In the first game the scored on the final play of the game to salvage a tie against Kaufman. In the second game, Forney B scored first to take a 7-0 lead. Terrell then scored the next 45 points to win easily 45-7. Terrell is now 2-1-1.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Upcoming runs

The picture today didn't turn out quite the way I wanted.

Brian and I have our next two races planned. The 19th we will be running in the Pioneer Day 5K race in Eustace, TX. Looking at the results from the last few years, I may only finish ahead of the age 60+ runners......maybe.

On July 18th it will be the larger Too Hot to Handle at Norbuck Park, White Rock Lake. We took pictures at the Too Cold to Hold in January, so this one should be fun.

If you are looking for pictures from the Caveman Crawl in Bridgeport, TX check out the Facebook page. I got shots of the first run only. Email your bib number and I will see if I have any of you. Feel free to tag any of the shots on Facebook. Jerry Glover Photography will have their pictures from the Crawl online at 9PM tonight. They should have a searchable database and professional pictures available for purchase.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday Morning Mashup

Just a couple more shots from Saturdays Caveman Crawl in Bridgeport, TX. The organizers did a super job. More photos are on the Terrell Daily Photo and Texas Daily Photo Facebook pages.

Today is Flag Day.

The Tigers continue 7 on 7 play tomorrow night. The 6:30 game is against Kaufman on the South practice field. The 7:30 game is against Forney B on the South end of City Bank Stadium.

Vince Young....grow up.

UT, you should be with A&M talking to the SEC instead of looking to the PAC 10. I can't blame UT for wanting the PAC 10 though. They will dominate in that conference and would be middle of the pack in the SEC.

Last weekend we went to see Prince of Persia at the movie theater. If you haven't seen it yet, don't. They should have paid us to watch that movie. Last night we watched Shutter Island on PPV, if you haven't seen that yet, order it. It's worth the $5 PPV cost. As an 80s geek, I am looking forward to seeing Tron Legacy.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Nice face full of mud

This was the last obstacle of the Caveman Crawl race. I have posted an album to the Terrell Daily Photo Facebook page of the best Caveman Crawl race pictures. Brian also has an album from the race on his Facebook page.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Caveman Crawl, Bridgeport, Texas

Brian and I traveled out to Bridgeport, TX this morning to take pictures of Caveman Crawl. It's similar to the Warrior Dash and a lot of fun to photograph. I want to run in one of these, but I think I like taking pictures of the fun more.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Skywatch Friday-Forney, TX sky

Today is my sister Tracis birthday. Shes 44 years old. Happy Birthday.

More Skywatch Friday sites can be found here.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

He scores

A few more shots from Tuesday nights game against the Forney A team. I added a complete album to the Terrell Daily Photo Facebook page. Click the link to the right and be sure to "like" the page.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Dallas Christian holds on to win

Terrell wasn't able to keep the momentum from the early game when they played Dallas Christian. Next week Terrell takes on Kaufman in the 6:30 game and Forney B in the 7:30 game.

Dallas Christian scores against Terrell.
Click on the picture for a larger version.

Teams taking part in the league are Terrell, Forney A, Forney B, Dallas Christian, Kaufman, Rockwall Heath, North Forney and Mabank.

I will have albums from each game posted to Facebook by tomorrow morning.

Summer 7 on 7 passing league

Play began last night in the Forney 7 on 7 passing league. Eight teams play two games every Tuesday night. Terrell opened their play with a win against the Forney A team. Terrell dropped the second game to Dallas Christian.

Below a Terrell defender makes an outstanding interception during the Forney A game. Click on the picture for a larger size.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Hot in Terrell, TX.

Yesterday the temperature was over 100 degrees in Terrell for the 3rd day in a row. Not sure what the "feels like" temperature was, but I know it "feels like" HOT.

At 6AM Tuesday morning its already 80 degrees.

This is a view looking north on the new portion of highway 34 in Terrell. We have it measured that one round trip is 1.7 miles. Brian is pretty good at running the loop, I try to jog it.

This was taken yesterday afternoon. Its impossible to see in the picture, but when the picture was taken the sun was out and it was raining.

We do have a chance for a rain shower on Wednesday.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Ham's Orchard

Best way to beat the heat is at Ham's Orchard for some fresh peaches or peach ice cream.

No Monday Morning Mashup, Blogger seems to be having problems when I was trying to do the post.

Sunday, June 6, 2010


Maybe the meaning of this word has changed since I was a kid. This is between Terrell and Canton on I-20.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Friday, June 4, 2010

Irish Redneck Association

Jessie, Kevin and James having fun at the Irish Redneck Association club Thursday night.

Skywatch Friday-Graduation night

Thursday night was graduation night for the Seniors of Terrell, Texas High School. The closest I wanted to get was watching fireworks over the tree line.

More Skywatch Friday photos can be found here.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Three years later

Three years ago today I started Terrell Daily Photo with this post. My goal was to post one picture a day from Terrell, Texas. Over the three years I may have posted more than once a day, and posted from places outside Terrell. My favorite is shooting sporting events, but I need a lot more practice to say that I am any good at it.

On to year 4 with a new banner picture. Below is the banner that I used for the past 6 months. Visit the Facebook page for more photos, be sure to hit the 'like' button to keep updated and recommend the site and the Facebook page to your friends.