Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday Morning Mashup

Just a couple more shots from Saturdays Caveman Crawl in Bridgeport, TX. The organizers did a super job. More photos are on the Terrell Daily Photo and Texas Daily Photo Facebook pages.

Today is Flag Day.

The Tigers continue 7 on 7 play tomorrow night. The 6:30 game is against Kaufman on the South practice field. The 7:30 game is against Forney B on the South end of City Bank Stadium.

Vince Young....grow up.

UT, you should be with A&M talking to the SEC instead of looking to the PAC 10. I can't blame UT for wanting the PAC 10 though. They will dominate in that conference and would be middle of the pack in the SEC.

Last weekend we went to see Prince of Persia at the movie theater. If you haven't seen it yet, don't. They should have paid us to watch that movie. Last night we watched Shutter Island on PPV, if you haven't seen that yet, order it. It's worth the $5 PPV cost. As an 80s geek, I am looking forward to seeing Tron Legacy.