Thursday, December 31, 2009

09 down 10 to go

Another year down. I can not believe 2009 is already over. I am not going to give a big year in review. Some of my highlights was hosting the Scott Kelby Photo Walk in Terrell, the Jamie Foxx Welcome Home celebration, and shooting pictures at the Tiger games. You can vote for picture of the year on the right of the page.

You think Mike Leach was railroaded out of Lubbock? I bet there are a lot of little fat girlfriends who celebrated with a half gallon of Blue Bell. My guess for next coach of the Red Raiders is June Jones.

Williams Fears Romo, Coach Lost Confidence In Him. You think?

A Little News has been posting his top 20 moments for 2009. He posted #20 yesterday. Hop over and take a look, he has some outstanding sports shots, including this one, my favorite.

I hope everyone has a safe New Years Eve.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The wet stuff

The snow that was in the forecast didn't make it out to Terrell. We got a cold rain instead....yea us.

The picture is from the rose bush in my front yard that needs to be cut back. Anyone want to come over and do some yard work?

There is talk that the University of Missouri would join the Big Ten if asked? Why? Big Ten is boring football and plodding slow basketball.

There are to many bowl games. Teams should not be rewarded for 6-6 records.

NFL Pro Bowl rosters were announced. Six Cowboys were named to the NFC squad. Michael wanted a seventh.

I attempted to get a press pass to this years Cotton Bowl. I didn't get one, but that doesn't mean I can't try again. Next attempt, credentials for MLB. Anyone have any good ideas about how a blogger can get credentials?

A cheese company will sponsor the blow up of Texas Stadium. There is a joke in there somewhere.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Red River Ruminations

Yesterday I took a trip up to Choctaw Casino with Brian and his Grandmother. I was lucky and came home with more money than I went with. Choctaw has a new casino scheduled to open in February. I am looking forward to seeing it.

Winter weather is expected in the area today. Maybe more snow?

You have until January 1st to see the Forney Light Show.

I am going to review my 2009 resolutions on Thursday and take a look back at the year. Like everyone else I will be making resolutions and goals for 2010 on Friday.

Saw Avatar Saturday night. It's a great movie, that lived up to the hype. I want to go back and see it in 3-D. Like Christina, I also saw some previews of movies that I want to see. My list includes Robin Hood, Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief, and Clash of the Titans.

Don't forget to vote for your favorite photo over to the right.

This is the Red River as we were crossing back into Texas.

My fantasy football season ended Sunday. I came in second place. Not bad, a month ago I was sitting in 9th place and not even in the playoffs.

Regular readers know I do not really care for the Cowboys, but I do like the UT Longhorns. Can someone please ask Roy Williams to please stop giving the hook'em horns sign after he scores? Now that Nick Folk is gone, Roy Williams is the biggest waste of space on the Cowboys roster.

If the Cowboys end up meeting the Vikings somewhere down the road in the playoffs I will be rooting for the Cowboys. No way I would ever root for Favre, no matter how great people say he is. Last year Favre had the Jets 8-3, they finished the season going 1-4. The Vikings started 10-1 this year, they are 1-3 in their last 4.

I was 10-6 on my NFL picks for the week. With one week to go, I am 156-84.

Monday, December 28, 2009

CityCenter, Las Vegas 2008

Construction at CityCenter in Las Vegas, January 2008. This was taken from the Eiffel Tower at the Paris Hotel. To see what CityCenter looks like today click here.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Hoover in August

Hoover Dam taken August 2005. I think it was about 150 degrees that day.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Slow time of year

The week between Christmas and New Years usually is for posts from the past year that I call my favorite. Since I have a poll up for readers to pick the photo (you can still vote), I am going to go post some older pictures that are were taken before Terrell Daily Photo started.

This was taken April 21, 2002 with a HP Photosmart 318. I think they were cut off a rose bush in the yard.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Skywatch Friday-Post # 1000 Christmas

Today is post #1000 for Terrell Daily Photo. Terrell got a little bit of snow yesterday and last night, Merry Christmas.

By the end of the night we had a light dusting of snow.

Looking up at the sky and taking a picture of snow isn't that good of an idea. So I tried to find a dark background.

View other Skywatch Friday sites here.

If you have an extra minute, please vote in my poll for the best picture of the year for Terrell Daily Photo. Two of the choices were Skywatch Friday posts.

NFL picks for the week

xSan Diego 11-3 (Road: 6-1)
Tennessee 7-7 (Home: 5-2)

Tampa Bay 2-12 (Road: 1-6)
xNew Orleans 13-1 (Home: 6-1)

Buffalo 5-9 (Road: 3-4)
xAtlanta 7-7 (Home: 5-2)

xHouston 7-7 (Road: 4-3)
Miami 7-7 (Home: 4-2)

Seattle 5-9 (Road: 1-6)
xGreen Bay 9-5 (Home: 5-2)

Carolina 6-8 (Road: 2-5)
xNY Giants 8-6 (Home: 4-3)

xOakland 5-9 (Road: 3-4)
Cleveland 3-11 (Home: 1-5)

Jacksonville 7-7 (Road: 2-4)
xNew England 9-5 (Home: 7-0)

Kansas City 3-11 (Road: 2-4)
xCincinnati 9-5 (Home: 5-2)

xBaltimore 8-6 (Road: 2-4)
Pittsburgh 7-7 (Home: 5-2)

St. Louis 1-13 (Road: 1-6)
xArizona 9-5 (Home: 3-3)

Detroit 2-12 (Road: 0-7)
xSan Francisco 6-8 (Home: 5-2)

Denver 8-6 (Road: 4-3)
xPhiladelphia 10-4 (Home: 5-2)

NY Jets 7-7 (Road: 4-3)
xIndianapolis 14-0 (Home: 7-0)

xDallas 9-5 (Road: 4-3)
Washington 4-10 (Home: 3-4)

xMinnesota 11-3 (Road: 4-3)
Chicago 5-9 (Home: 4-3)

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Waiting for the blizzard 2009

I didn't plan on post #999 to be posted this late in the day. It's Christmas Eve and we are waiting for the blizzard of 2009 to hit. It's already snowing in Dallas. We may end up getting an inch or two of snow by the time its done. If we do get snow post #1000 may be a White Christmas!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Long week

This week sure seems to be moving slow. This is another shot from Rockwall Harbor.

Its about time to look into getting an iphone. Blackberry has two outages in less than a week.

You can vote in the Terrell Daily Photo, Picture of the Year till January 10th.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A nice first day of winter

Yesterday we celebrated the first day of Winter with a high temperature of 66 degrees F. This picture was taken up in Rockwall, Texas at the Rockwall Harbor.

I added a poll to the right with choices for Terrell Daily Photo of the year. Instead of posting my five favorite photos, I asked Brian to pick his favorites, then I picked five from his picks. Now its your turn to pick one of the five for my photo of the year. Click on each photo for the large version and vote for your favorite. This isn't a best technical photo, or most artistic photo, just which one you like the best. Have another picture thats your favorite, leave a comment. Check the Terrell Daily Photo Facebook page for other photos from the past year.

NFL picks for the week 9-7, season record 146-78.

I just barely won the Fantasy Football Semi-final thanks to Kevin Boss. One more game for all the marbles.

Christmas Day will be my 1000th post.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Ben Gill Park at night

Another shot from the night time trip to Ben Gill Park in Terrell. No photo shop or alterations to the picture, just playing with the white balance setting.

CNN sent out breaking news Saturday night to announce the Cowboys defeated the Saints. It was breaking because the Saints hopes to go undefeated had ended. But, the Cowboys winning in December also deserves breaking news status.

This may come in handy for Nick Folk.

I need a little bit of help tonight to advance to my Fantasy Football Final.

Short week at work, in addition to having Christmas off, our employer has given Christmas Eve off.

Christmas day will post #1000 for Terrell Daily Photo.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Walk Across Texas

For 8 weeks the employees of the company I work for have been taking part in Walk Across Texas. Awards were given to the team and the individuals who walked the most. Pictured is the team winner Team Misfits. As a group they walked 2275.55 miles. I walked the most miles for my group finishing with over 300 miles in 8 weeks.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

There's a lot that they can't do, but one thing they can do

The Terrell Lady Tigers hosted Lancaster Lady Tigers Friday night. Brian and I must have sat in the wrong part of the gym. We sat in front of the Lancaster rooting section. Here are a few of the observations we overheard during the game:

Terrell can't dribble
Terrell can't shoot
Terrell can't defend
Terrell can't guard
Terrell can't rebound
Terrell can't win

Final Score
Terrell 49 Lancaster 43

Terrell never trailed

Friday, December 18, 2009

Skywatch Friday-Iris sunrise

This is a bit of a stretch for Skywatch, it's another from my early morning photo trip. I like the way the lights reflect off of the wet street. This is looking East towards the sunrise.

To visit other Skywatch Friday sites click here.

I don't know if speed was a factor in the deaths of three young girls in Terrell earlier this month. But this cant be good.

From the Terrell Tribune website:
According to Texas Department of Transportation documents, a speed study -required before a municipality can establish limits - was completed in June, yet Terrell city leaders say they did not receive the report until Monday.

Click through the link for the entire story, with additional information promised in Fridays print edition of the Tribune.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

A walk in the park

Brian from Texas Daily Photo and I ventured out to Ben Gill Park after dark last night to try some night photography with our new cameras. This is the lake at the park, taken just after 8pm. Click the picture to enlarge.

NFL picks

xIndianapolis 13-0 (Road: 6-0)
Jacksonville 7-6 (Home: 5-2)

Dallas 8-5 (Road: 3-3)
xNew Orleans 13-0 (Home: 6-0)

Cleveland 2-11 (Road: 1-6)
xKansas City 3-10 (Home: 1-6)

Atlanta 6-7 (Road: 1-5)
xNY Jets 7-6 (Home: 3-3)

xMiami 7-6 (Road: 3-4)
Tennessee 6-7 (Home: 4-2)

San Francisco 6-7 (Road: 1-5)
xPhiladelphia 9-4 (Home: 4-2)

xNew England 8-5 (Road: 1-5)
Buffalo 5-8 (Home: 2-4)

xArizona 8-5 (Road: 5-2)
Detroit 2-11 (Home: 2-4)

Chicago 5-8 (Road: 1-5)
xBaltimore 7-6 (Home: 5-2)

xHouston 6-7 (Road: 3-3)
St. Louis 1-12 (Home: 0-6)

Oakland 4-9 (Road: 2-4)
xDenver 8-5 (Home: 4-2)

Cincinnati 9-4 (Road: 4-2)
xSan Diego 10-3 (Home: 4-2)

Green Bay 9-4 (Road: 4-2)
xPittsburgh 6-7 (Home: 4-2)

Tampa Bay 1-12 (Road: 0-6)
xSeattle 5-8 (Home: 4-2)

xMinnesota 11-2 (Road: 4-2)
Carolina 5-8 (Home: 3-3)

x NY Giants 7-6 (Road: 3-3)
Washington 4-9 (Home: 3-3)

I didnt watch the Dallas Mavericks on TV last night and they won. I am being told by coworkers that I can no longer watch. Every game I have watched so far they have lost.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Politicians and parades

Every parade has its politicians, ours was no different. I didn't take many pictures of them, but here are a couple.

Below is Terrell Mayor Hal Richards. I think he represents our city well.

This is Rhonda Hughey, she is running for Kaufman County District Clerk. She had a float in the parade.

Below is Andrew Jordan, he works in the County Public Defenders office and could be Kaufman Countys next District Attorney.

I will get back to my regular posting tomorrow.

Having fun

Can't have a parade without kids having fun.

Even the big kids had fun.
I'll have one more parade post this afternoon, then on to something else.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


It's not a parade without some floats. The theme of the parade was "A Red, White and Blue Christmas". I couldnt get all of them, but here are a few. All of the parade photos posted so far, and a few extras can also be found on the Terrell Daily Photo Facebook page.

THS International Club

Member of Terrell High School International Club.
Best I can tell these all say Merry Christmas.
I will have a few of the floats that were in the parade up around 12:30.

My NFL picks for last week ended up 11-5, season record is 137-71.

This past weekend was also the first round of our fantasy football playoffs. I entered as seed #5 of 6 teams, but thanks to Frank Gore and Ray Rice I won. Next up semi-finals.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Fighting Tiger Band continued

As promised a few more of the Tiger marching band.

Fighting Tiger Band

This week will be all about the Christmas parade held Saturday in Terrell, Texas. A favorite every year is the Terrell High School Fighting Tiger Band. The weather was damp and chilly, but at least it wasn't raining, just a light mist.

Brian has his shots of the parade posted at Texas Daily Photo, Cilla has a few shots at Daimilus American Blog and Don has a slideshow posted on the Terrell Tribune website. I will put up a few more of my band pictures this afternoon. More parade pictures tomorrow.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Forney Light Show

If you have the chance, take a drive over to Forney and see the Forney Light Show, it's more than just a Christmas light display. The only thing they ask is that you bring canned goods to donate. They collect the canned goods for The New Life Food Pantry in Forney.

Santa will be there December 18 & 19.

Visit their website for more information.

Here is a picture from my visit, Brian has a couple of good shots at Texas Daily Photo of the lights.