Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Finish Strong

We went to the Terrell vs. Conrad basketball game last night. I was playing around with my settings and I think I got my ISO to high. But, if you dont practice you will never learn. Check Cliffs site and the Tribune for a recap of the game.

Jherrod Stiggers drives around a Charger defender

The view from behind the Charger bench. The young man on the
right in the tie is a member of the Conrad JV team. After their
game was over they came out and sat in the stands. Every member
of the team was in a dress shirt and tie.

Will it go in?

Yes it did.


Olivier said...

belle première action, un beau dribble.

Kate said...

Wonderful action shot. Familiar scene since we watched a similar game last night to see our grandson's game. They came from behind with a huge deficit to win by 4 points. This gym looks quite beautiful; must be a joy to play in it.

B SQUARED said...

Doesn't look like the ISO was pushed too high to me.