Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Stanley Ballard Sr, Christmas Parade

This Saturday at 10AM is the Stanley Ballard Sr. Christmas Parade. This years theme is “A Red, White and Blue Christmas.”

Below is an entry from last years parade.
It wasn't snowing, that's from the float.

Also on Saturday, CBS TV 11 will host a Survivor open casting call at Bankston Ford-Mazda in Fort Worth. It runs till 3PM. I will make it on one of these shows one day.


Tanya said...

I realized too late that I missed our parade this weekend. It was supposed to be on Saturday but with all the snow they changed it to Sunday...there's another one this weekend I'll try to catch.

brian stout said...

Its snowing! Its snowing! Just don't eat any cause it tastes like soap suds :)

marley said...

Keep us posted with Survivor. One day I'm sure you'll be on it!

Jacob said...

Is that confetti I see being strewn about. Certainly a patriotic parade!

If you make it on Survivor, take your camera!

Olivier said...

j'adore les parades de noël, dommage qu'en France, cela ne soit pas dans nos habitudes