Friday, December 11, 2009


This pecan tree is almost bare. The wind seems to help along the process.

The only thing worse than watching the Pittsburgh Steelers play the Cleveland Browns, is having to listen to Matt Millen all night. Man he is horrible.

Boys basketball play continues today in the Herman Furlough Jr. Memorial Tournament at the Terrell ISD Athletic Complex.

Christmas parade tomorrow at 10AM down Moore Ave.

Looks like Brian Kelly will be the next coach to fail at Notre Dame.


B SQUARED said...

I second your sentiments re Brian Kelly.

Jacob said...

Who's Matt Millen?

You're moving very fast, Jim. Last night, fire in the sky. Tonight, ice blue cold.

Who's Brian Kelly. Oh, a football coach.

brian stout said...

I really do like this shot, it would look good framed!

AVCr8teur said...

I had a tree in my yard that became leafless overnight. Holiday parades are awesome. You can't help but smile looking at the jolly participants and catchy Xmas songs.