Saturday, December 19, 2009

There's a lot that they can't do, but one thing they can do

The Terrell Lady Tigers hosted Lancaster Lady Tigers Friday night. Brian and I must have sat in the wrong part of the gym. We sat in front of the Lancaster rooting section. Here are a few of the observations we overheard during the game:

Terrell can't dribble
Terrell can't shoot
Terrell can't defend
Terrell can't guard
Terrell can't rebound
Terrell can't win

Final Score
Terrell 49 Lancaster 43

Terrell never trailed


brian stout said...
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brian stout said...

great shots! these turned out much clearer than mine...

Kate said...

Very good action shots. These games are fun to watch, aren't they?

Jacob said...

That'll show 'em! Nice shots, Jim!

Small City Scenes said...

action shots, Jim. Really neat. MB

thefullcount2 said...

HAd to be the most annoying crowd . . . ever

Lynette said...

Terrell never trailed--Jim, that's the best come-back I've ever heard! Hooray for the girls!