Friday, December 25, 2009

Skywatch Friday-Post # 1000 Christmas

Today is post #1000 for Terrell Daily Photo. Terrell got a little bit of snow yesterday and last night, Merry Christmas.

By the end of the night we had a light dusting of snow.

Looking up at the sky and taking a picture of snow isn't that good of an idea. So I tried to find a dark background.

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If you have an extra minute, please vote in my poll for the best picture of the year for Terrell Daily Photo. Two of the choices were Skywatch Friday posts.

NFL picks for the week

xSan Diego 11-3 (Road: 6-1)
Tennessee 7-7 (Home: 5-2)

Tampa Bay 2-12 (Road: 1-6)
xNew Orleans 13-1 (Home: 6-1)

Buffalo 5-9 (Road: 3-4)
xAtlanta 7-7 (Home: 5-2)

xHouston 7-7 (Road: 4-3)
Miami 7-7 (Home: 4-2)

Seattle 5-9 (Road: 1-6)
xGreen Bay 9-5 (Home: 5-2)

Carolina 6-8 (Road: 2-5)
xNY Giants 8-6 (Home: 4-3)

xOakland 5-9 (Road: 3-4)
Cleveland 3-11 (Home: 1-5)

Jacksonville 7-7 (Road: 2-4)
xNew England 9-5 (Home: 7-0)

Kansas City 3-11 (Road: 2-4)
xCincinnati 9-5 (Home: 5-2)

xBaltimore 8-6 (Road: 2-4)
Pittsburgh 7-7 (Home: 5-2)

St. Louis 1-13 (Road: 1-6)
xArizona 9-5 (Home: 3-3)

Detroit 2-12 (Road: 0-7)
xSan Francisco 6-8 (Home: 5-2)

Denver 8-6 (Road: 4-3)
xPhiladelphia 10-4 (Home: 5-2)

NY Jets 7-7 (Road: 4-3)
xIndianapolis 14-0 (Home: 7-0)

xDallas 9-5 (Road: 4-3)
Washington 4-10 (Home: 3-4)

xMinnesota 11-3 (Road: 4-3)
Chicago 5-9 (Home: 4-3)


uberrhund said...

very pretty and frosty!

brian stout said...

i like that first shot, congrats on 1000 posts!

eileeninmd said...

Cool shots of the snow coming down. We are suppose to get freezing rain today. YUCK! Happy Holidays.

Julie said...

i love the first photo. gorgeous. merry christmas!

Mo said...

Congrats on 1000! Merry Christmas. I like the Giants too.

Leif Hagen said...

Merry Christmas! God Jul! Frohe Weihnachten!
Congrats on 1,000 posting! Wow - that's a lot of work - rock on!

slim said...

How special to get some magic flakes on Christmas. Congratulations on 1000th post . . . that's quite an accomplishment.

Small City Scenes said...

So you did get a white Christmas after all. Yippee!!

congrats on 1000 posts.
Happy New Year. MB

Woody said...

Congrats on #1000 Jim. That's quite an achievement. Keep up the great work!

D said...

Congrats on 1000! That's quite an accomplishment. Hope y'all had a wonderful Christmas!