Thursday, December 3, 2009

Yes, it snowed yesterday

It lasted all of an hour. This is in Garland on the way to work.

Cilla has a photo of the snow coming down in Terrell. Give her site a visit, she always has something going on.

If you like music hop over to Show Me the Mom and play the you tube clip. I did, and got the song stuck in my head.

Don't forget this Saturday at Memorial Stadium is the annual Terrell Police Services vs. Terrell Fire Department flag football game. Game time is 10am, admission is an unwrapped toy for boys and girls age 10 and up. Woody told me that I need to root for the Fire Department.

Here are my week 13 NFL picks. Lets hope I do better than last week.

xNY Jets 5-6 (Road: 2-3)
Buffalo 4-7 (Home: 2-3)

St. Louis 1-10 (Road: 1-4)
xChicago 4-7 (Home: 3-2)

Tampa Bay 1-10 (Road: 0-5)
xCarolina 4-7 (Home: 2-3)

Houston 5-6 (Road: 3-2)
xJacksonville 6-5 (Home: 4-1)

xDenver 7-4 (Road: 3-2)
Kansas City 3-8 (Home: 1-4)

Tennessee 5-6 (Road: 2-4)
xIndianapolis 11-0 (Home: 5-0)

Philadelphia 7-4 (Road: 3-2)
xAtlanta 6-5 (Home: 5-0)

xNew Orleans 11-0 (Road: 5-0)
Washington 3-8 (Home: 3-2)

Oakland 3-8 (Road: 1-4)
xPittsburgh 6-5 (Home: 4-1)

Detroit 2-9 (Road: 0-5)
xCincinnati 8-3 (Home: 4-2)

xNew England 7-4 (Road: 1-4)
Miami 5-6 (Home: 3-2)

xSan Diego 8-3 (Road: 4-1)
Cleveland 1-10 (Home: 0-4)

Dallas 8-3 (Road: 3-2)
xNY Giants 6-5 (Home: 3-2)

xSan Francisco 5-6 (Road: 1-4)
Seattle 4-7 (Home: 3-2)

xMinnesota 10-1 (Road: 4-1)
Arizona 7-4 (Home: 2-3)

Baltimore 6-5 (Road: 2-3)
xGreen Bay 7-4 (Home: 4-2)


Olivier said...

DÉJÀ de la neige, waouhhh

Rambling Round said...

Oh my gosh! This is what might be headed our way, but I'm not going to hold my breath. LOL

B SQUARED said...

I think I would have to go with the Boys and the Ravens. I do smell an upset this week, somewhere.

Jacob said...

Fascinating. I don't remember snow in Dallas, although I think we got a tiny bit once in awhile...what I remember are the ice storms. Yikes!

Small City Scenes said...

Snow??? How funny.

thanks for visiting my blog--I added some info that I had forgotten. MB

Shannon said...

You look you did what I did...took photos while you were driving? I was on 45 and was going to stop but it didn't look safe.