Saturday, September 5, 2009

Terrell Tigers win, start 2-0

The Terrell Tigers defeated the North Lamar Panthers last night in Paris, Texas 21-7. Cliff has a recap of the game posted on the Tribune website.

My plans for today's post didn't work out so well. Last night was a full moon and I was going to attempt to get a picture using the manual settings on my camera. It turned out to be a cloudy night with no moon in sight. I will have to try it again when I can see the moon.

My favorite baseball player and probably the best player in MLB is Albert Pujols of the St. Louis Cardinals. If you are a fan of baseball, please take a few minutes to read this story about Albert.

Three weeks from today on September 26th, Terrell will welcome home Jamie Foxx. There will be a presentation at Memorial Stadium at 10am. Admission into the stadium is by ticket only. Tickets are available through local churches or the Terrell Chamber of Commerce. You can also line Moore Ave. from Adelaide to the football stadium for the motorcade from City Hall.


Kate said...

Interesting contrast between the vivid flower and the background.

Small City Scenes said...

Sweet litflower.
I hope you can get lots of pics at the Jamie Foxx homecoming.

Keep trying for that great moon picture--I just have my camera on Auto setting point at the moon zoom in as best I can and usually for some reason the first pic is fuzzy but then the camera self adjusts and I have to take about 5 shots to get the one i want.

Quite a story about Albert and the fallen fan and their kids. MB

JM said...

Cool red hibiscus!