Friday, September 25, 2009

Skywatch Friday-Goals, Dreams, Values

Tomorrow morning Terrell welcomes home Jamie Foxx. Beginning at 10AM, a parade will travel down Moore Ave. from City Hall to Memorial Stadium. A presentation will be made at the stadium honoring Jamie Foxx and presenting him with the key to the city. Expected to attend the ceremony will be Texas Gov. Rick Perry, State Senator Bob Duell and State Representative Betty Brown. Tricia of the Terrell Tribune has a great story about the visit.

Tickets to the program at the stadium have already been distributed, but come out to Terrell, line Moore Ave. then stay and have lunch in town. How many times will get you the chance to see an Academy Award winner in person ?

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Click here for more Skywatch Friday.

The Terrell Tigers begin district play tonight in Mesquite against the West Mesquite Wranglers. Cliff has a preview of the game. Game time is 7:30PM and can be heard on KPYK 1570-AM.

The State Fair of Texas starts today. We normally wait and go during a weekday to avoid the crowds.

Week 3 NFL picks - lets hope I can do better than last week.

Cleveland 0-2 (Road: 0-1)
xBaltimore 2-0 (Home: 1-0)

Washington 1-1 (Road: 0-1)
xDetroit 0-2 (Home: 0-1)

Jacksonville 0-2 (Road: 0-1)
xHouston 1-1 (Home: 0-1)

xSan Francisco 2-0 (Road: 1-0)
Minnesota 2-0 (Home: 0-0)

Atlanta 2-0 (Road: 0-0)
xNew England 1-1 (Home: 1-0)

Kansas City 0-2 (Road: 0-1)
xPhiladelphia 1-1 (Home: 0-1)

xGreen Bay 1-1 (Road: 0-0)
St. Louis 0-2 (Home: 0-0)

xNY Giants 2-0 (Road: 1-0)
Tampa Bay 0-2 (Home: 0-1)

Tennessee 0-2 (Road: 0-1)
xNY Jets 2-0 (Home: 1-0)

xNew Orleans 2-0 (Road: 1-0)
Buffalo 1-1 (Home: 1-0)

xChicago 1-1 (Road: 0-1)
Seattle 1-1 (Home: 1-0)

xPittsburgh 1-1 (Road: 0-1)
Cincinnati 1-1 (Home: 0-1)

Denver 2-0 (Road: 1-0)
xOakland 1-1 (Home: 0-1)

Miami 0-2 (Road: 0-1)
xSan Diego 1-1 (Home: 0-1)

xIndianapolis 2-0 (Road: 1-0)
Arizona 1-1 (Home: 0-1)

Carolina 0-2 (Road: 0-1)
xDallas 1-1 (Home: 0-1)


Sylvia K said...

Sounds like a fun time! He's one of my favorites.

Have a great weekend!


fickleinpink said...

have fun!

please come and visit my place if you have the time!

have a great day!

Tricia said...

how cool is that

magiceye said...

have a great evening!

Small City Scenes said...

I hope everyone has a good time and you get lots of pictures. MB

Olivier said...

c'est superbe, surtout c'est un grand acteur

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

I hope that everybody has a great time.

B SQUARED said...

I have to go with the Vikes at home.

Lynette said...

If I were close enough, I'd love to come stand on Moore Avenue Saturday, Jim. But to tell you the truth, I'd be keeping my eye peeled for you, somewhere in the crowd, as well as for Jamie Foxx!

What did you think of "FlashForward"? I can't get it out of my head.

alicesg said...

Lovely photo for skywatch. That's a huge billboard. Hope you have a great time at the fair.

Jacob said...

I'm sure everyone in Terrell will be thrilled. My favorite Jamie Foxx movie was "Ray." What a magnificent job he did!

Kim said...

Fun Skywatch post, Jim. I just saw Jamie in "The Soloist" and he was terrific in the role of a schizophrenic Julliard-trained street musician. So, you're not the only talented guy from Terrel, eh? :-).

I'm not a pro ball fan, but I do love to hear about collegiate games. My two fave teams won last weekend in amazing games. Go Bears! Go Dawgs! The Huskies especially had a seconds-to-the-finish field goal win that brought everyone from the stands onto the field in wild joy.

uberrhund said...

Great photo, cool beans for the event , have a great time !

bettyjf1 said...

First ... I am a huge Jamie Foxx fan..
Second.. good to see your blog again
THIRD.. the Cardinals WILL win tomorrow.. You picked the wrong team there..

JM said...

I loved Jamie Foxx's performance in 'Ray'! Nice choice for the skywatch theme.