Friday, September 18, 2009

Skywatch Friday-Game Day

Not at the field below, its going to be a few days before that field is playable. Tonight is the home opener for the Terrell Tigers football squad, kickoff at 7:30PM. Cliff has a preview of the game here. If you cant make it to the game listen live at 1570AM KPYK.

Catch all the other Skywatch Friday sites here.

Here are my week 2 NFL picks. I would like to pick the Giants over the Cowboys, but not in the opener of the Cowboy stadium. I don't see any way the Cowboys lose.

Carolina 0-1 (Road: 0-0)
xAtlanta 1-0 (Home: 1-0)

xMinnesota 1-0 (Road: 1-0)
Detroit 0-1 (Home: 0-0)

Cincinnati 0-1 (Road: 0-0)
xGreen Bay 1-0 (Home: 1-0)

Arizona 0-1 (Road: 0-0)
xJacksonville 0-1 (Home: 0-0)

xOakland 0-1 (Road: 0-0)
Kansas City 0-1 (Home: 0-0)

xNew England 1-0 (Road: 0-0)
NY Jets 1-0 (Home: 0-0)

xNew Orleans 1-0 (Road: 0-0)
Philadelphia 1-0 (Home: 0-0)

Houston 0-1 (Road: 0-0)
xTennessee 0-1 (Home: 0-0)

St. Louis 0-1 (Road: 0-1)
xWashington 0-1 (Home: 0-0)

Seattle 1-0 (Road: 0-0)
xSan Francisco 1-0 (Home: 0-0)

Tampa Bay 0-1 (Road: 0-0)
xBuffalo 0-1 (Home: 0-0)

xPittsburgh 1-0 (Road: 0-0)
Chicago 0-1 (Home: 0-0)

xCleveland 0-1 (Road: 0-0)
Denver 1-0 (Home: 0-0)

xBaltimore 1-0 (Road: 0-0)
San Diego 1-0 (Home: 0-0)

NY Giants 1-0 (Road: 0-0)
xDallas 1-0 (Home: 0-0)

Monday September 21, 2009

xIndianapolis 1-0 (Road: 0-0)
Miami 0-1 (Home: 0-0)


Clueless in Boston said...

I hope the field dries out for Friday nights game, and your prediction of the Dallas and N.E. games pan out. It should be fun.

raf said...

Great post for skywatch, Jim and I like your picks pretty well.

alicesg said...

Lovely photo for skywatch. I hope you have fun at the games.

Small City Scenes said...

man, it SO looks like rain.
Seattle has to win!!!! MB

Lynette said...

Go Tigers! Beat those Friars!

Olivier said...

GO TIGERS, j'espère que le soleil va se montrer avant le match.

GO TIGERS, I hope the sun will show before the game

B SQUARED said...

Just can't see the Cards dropping two in a row.

imac said...

Aye, it looks a bit wet.
Nice sky tho.

Tricia said...

Play ball!

JM said...

Great simmetry, Jim!

Jacob said...

You have had a lot of rain; that field is a mess! And it looks like more is coming!

Dusty Lens said...

So much rain you've had. We are in a drought, nearly bone dry up here. Good luck with your picks.