Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Wrap it up

A few more pictures from Jamie Foxx day last Saturday. If you missed any of the other pictures, click on the Jamie Foxx tag at the bottom of this post.

Tricia has her latest story, this one about Gilbert Willie Jr. on the Tribune site.

A view from the press box

The Ice House band had a dance contest at the end of their set. Remember the girl that was dancing on the side? There she is on the left. The Lady with the red scarf is Mayor of a Texas town, but I didn't write down which one.

The football player won.

Passing time between Ice House band performing and the start of the events.

The Tiger band.

My week 3 NFL picks looked more like week 1 than week 2 thank goodness. I finished the week 12-4, bringing my total 33-15 for the year. I may be wrong, but I think Cliff finished the week a respectable 10-6. I'll take coke please.
Frank Gores injury was my downfall in fantasy football this week. I lost by 6 points. My record is 2-1.