Thursday, September 24, 2009

Terrell pecans

The pecans are coming along. Probably have two more months before we can pick them. These are from the tree in our back yard. We have two more trees in the front yard.

It was chilly this morning, the temperature was in the mid 50s.

The morning news show I watch is CBS 11. Every morning they visit with Jody Dean and his morning team at KLUV. Yesterday morning they were talking about Jamie Foxx coming to visit Terrell this weekend and KLUV linked to my site.

Jamie Foxx visits this Saturday, the following weekend Terrell hosts Flights of our Fathers Fly-In. Bring your camera, I will be doing a photowalk at the Fly-In starting at 11AM. Click on the link to the right for more Fly-In details.

NFL picks tomorrow.

I am looking forward to watching Flash Forward tonight. I love all of the new shows coming on, but I probably will only stay with one or two. There just isn't enough time to watch TV all night.