Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Shade trees

Took a few pictures at Ben Gill Park yesterday. This is a shaded area with picnic tables, a slide and swing set. Look close and you can see Memorial Stadium in the background.

Click the picture to enlarge.

Speaking of Memorial Stadium, less than 2 weeks till the 2009 Terrell Tigers play their home opener.

Terrell takes on Seagoville this Friday on the road. Seagoville is 0-2 and been outscored 0-99.

Deep fried peaches and cream, winner of Big Tex Choice Awards Best Taste. I can't wait for the State Fair of Texas to start. Deep fried butter went home with Most Creative. All of the Choice Award finalists will be available at the Fair.

Something going on with the Beatles tomorrow? I wouldn't know.

I have the flickr page set up for the photos from the Flights of our Fathers Fly-In. Flights of our Fathers is Oct 2nd and 3rd. Check the link to the right.

I also set up a Terrell, Texas flickr group. Add your Terrell photos to the group.


Olivier said...

une petite foret, sous les arbres les ombres, de quoi se tenir au frais quand il fait chaud, j'aime bien.

a small forest, the trees in the shadows, something to keep cool when it's hot, I like.

B SQUARED said...

Deep fried peaches? Fried butter? There must be a lot of Cardiologists in your area.

Small City Scenes said...

Very pretty park. Looks very inviting.

Deep fried seems to be the big thing at fairs this year. Glug!! MB

Jacob said...

I hope you had a fan up in the trees to cool you down!