Thursday, September 3, 2009

Obese? OBESE!

We had a 'wellness fair' at work today. They brought in our providers who answered questions about our benefits and we also got a BMI test. It seems for my weight and height I am borderline obese. The good thing was I got my BMI test done early, I had all day to marinate over it........Obese my fat a**!

This is Moore Ave. in Terrell just west of downtown looking east. You can see the moon that I got last night. A coworker is taking a photography class. She told me the first thing the class was told was to never use the automatic settings, they make you lazy. This weekend I am going to try to get away from the auto settings. I already have an assignment from Jacob to shoot the moon. I think its going to be a full moon Friday night, I will give it a try.

Tonight starts the last weekend of preseason pro football games. I hope everyone makes it out of this weekend with no major injuries. Regular season (fantasy season) starts on the 10th, finally.

My Cowboy prediction 8-8.

I updated the calender at the bottom of the page for September. If you have a Terrell area event you want listed, shoot me an email.

Anyway, the weather has been nice.....may rain today....yep


Vogon Poet said...

BMI? Ouch! I think to be borderline-beyond...

B SQUARED said...

Don't listen to them.

Small City Scenes said...

Yeah, don't listen to them.

Seahawks tonight!!

Tricia said...


If anyone IS, it's ME ME ME!!!

They're stupid

Jacob said...

I don't even want to think about BMI!

This is a nice night shot, Jim. Good luck tomorrow night. I'll anxiously await the results!

Kate said...

Well, I wonder what mine is. I still think I'm the same size as when I got married, which was eons ago.

You're continuing to have fun with your camera...super!!