Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Defense wins championships

We got a bit of sunshine today, just a little. The rain is suppose to be back this afternoon, but not stay around so long. Most of the puddles disappeared by the afternoon. To my friends to the east getting the rain...sorry.

The good girl, Jordan, won Big Brother 11 last night. Summer is now over.

Cliff has given the tough Terrell Tiger defense a nickname. You will have to visit his site, The Full Count v2.0 to find out what it is. I think I like it.

Terrell's defense is second in class 4A in yards allowed in the Dallas area.

Swine flu seems to be everywhere, but thankfully it hasn't hit anyone at my work. How about where you work?

I am no fan of President Bush, but do we really need this? Does the ex-speech writer need $$$$ that bad?

I don't mean to repeat myself but don't forget, Terrell will welcome home Jamie Foxx on September 26th. There will be a presentation at Memorial Stadium at 10am. Admission into the stadium is by ticket only. Tickets are available through local churches or the Terrell Chamber of Commerce. You can also line Moore Ave. from Adelaide to the football stadium for the motorcade from City Hall. How often will you get a chance to see up close an Oscar winning actor? The best place to be may be along Moore Ave. at Bradshaw St. where a street topper will be placed on the street sign.

Could the first regular season Cowboy game in the new stadium not sell out? That's what the Dallas news is reporting. They have to sell all tickets before 7:15 Thursday night. I think Mr. Jones will make sure there are no tickets left.