Thursday, September 17, 2009

Tiger Up!

Only one more day till the Terrell Tigers football team plays its first home game of the year. Lets make sure these stands are filled full of Tiger boosters. Tigers are off to a great start, time to show some support. The Tigers play at Memorial Stadium, Google Ben Gill Park for directions. Kickoff is 7:30PM.

I took this picture before the rain started last Thursday. I needed to see what nice sky's looked like.

I will have my NFL picks tomorrow. I will be looking to improve my 12-4 start.


Small City Scenes said...

Well the sky does look nice and let's hope the rain stops so the games can go on. MB

Olivier said...

la tension monte avant le premier match, GO les TIGERS

thefullcount2 said...

Yeah you got me on the Cutler remark, but then again . . . Seahawks 28, Rams 0.

Looking forward to comparing picks again this week. Take care Jim!

Jacob said...

Did the rains come again? Perhaps if you wouldn't start to wash your car or take photos, the rain would pass you by?