Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Yesterday was the first chance I have had to mow my yard in two weeks. My back yard was a jungle. This time I missed the frogs, the ant pile wasn't so lucky. A thunderstorm rolled through last night, so I got the yard done just in time.

Peyton Manning and bad clock management at the end of the game by Miami kept my week 2 NFL picks over .500, I finished the week 9-7. I knew I should have picked the NY Giants over the Cowboys. Overall I am 21-11, not a bad start.

Cliff lists the 4 teams he loves to see lose. My 4 are USC, Oklahoma, (both on Cliffs list) and Notre Dame and Alabama.

My fantasy football team won, I am now 2-0.


Olivier said...

l'infiniment petit, elles sont travailleuses.

B SQUARED said...

re college teams:my favorite two teams are my alma-mater and whoever is playing Notre Dame(hate all the leprechauns). Alabama-Sabin is a great coach but a complete jerk. USC-Yea Washington-may there be many more. Okie's-Hook 'em Horns!

thefullcount2 said...

6-10 this week. It was a BAD week for me.
I'll catch up though. Care for a friendly wager?

Jacob said...

Those look a lot like nasty red ants which are a scourge.

alicesg said...

I am so afraid of red ants, they gave nasty bites. But the photo looked so good.