Wednesday, September 2, 2009

D60 Moon

I know this is just a simple shot of an almost full moon, but its the first one where I have been able to make any detail out on the moon. This was taken with my D60 on automatic setting at sunset with no flash. Imagine how good it can look once I learn how to use my camera.

Made it through day 30 of P90X. I checked the pictures from day 1 and today, and I can see a difference. Only 60 more days to go.

Stayed up late again last night, this time listening to the new music from Whitney Houston. Tonight I go to bed early.

I am still thinking about applying for this.

Terrell residents have an opportunity to learn more about their city at the Terrell Citizens University.

Scheduled for this fall, the University is designed to promote citizen awareness of City of Terrell government services and a working knowledge of City processes and procedures.

Classes will include a tour of City facilities and sessions on growth management, retail, leakage analysis, City government & public safety, code enforcement and more. Classes will be held at the City of Terrell Service Center at 400 Industrial Blvd. from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. on Thursday evenings.

The application deadline is September 25.

I really was never into this movie growing up, and I hate to admit it, but as I get older I am starting to like it. Youth is wasted on the wrong people.


Olivier said...

tu t'amuses bien avec ton d60, cela donne une superbe photo de la lune.
you have a good time well with your d60, it gives a superb photograph of the moon.

B SQUARED said...

There is so much to learn on a digital camera. It does take time. I'm still not sure where to load the film.

Jacob said...

This is very good, Jim! Especially on automatic. If you want to try a full moon shot, wait until the sky is very dark. Put your camera on a tripod.

Put everything on manual. Set the shutter speed for 250. Set the aperture for f11 to start. Use the longest lens you have and focus manually on the moon. Use a cable release or your self-timer.

Bingo! You can experiment with aperture. I've had good results with f8 all the way up to f16.

Christina Campbell said...

I was sitting outside last night enjoying the moon thinking I should photograph it, but was too lazy. I'm glad someone had the motivation!

Small City Scenes said...

Iis a good shot of the moon. It makes me happy when a shot turns out good.

Yes apply for the classes. You are already a good ambassador for Terrell anyway. MB

marley said...

Great photo!

JM said...

It's a really nice shot, Jim!

AVCr8teur said...

Congratulations on the picture and completing 30 days so far on P90X. I have several friends doing it. I've always enjoyed "It's a Wonderful Life" even as a youngster. "Buffalo Gals can't you come out tonight...".

brian stout said...

i always loved this movie. the b/w version. every time a bell rings an angel gets its wings!

alicesg said...

Nice camera. It works like a telescope. Soon we can see aliens on moon with your camera? lol.