Thursday, September 10, 2009

Week 1 NFL picks

At least I think it used to be a barn. Maybe an old carriage house or garage with upstairs apartment. Whatever it was, I think it looks neat today. Not sure I would want to explore inside though.

Big Brother gets another season, look for me in the Big Brother 12 house next year.

Sorry, I haven't been able to visit my favorite sites like normal. I have been busy this last week or so.

Tonight we finally get a NFL game that means something and a full set of games on Sunday and Monday night. Here are my picks for Week 1. There are a couple of homer picks in there.

Tennessee (0-0, Road: 0-0)
x Pittsburgh (0-0, Home: 0-0)

Sunday September 13, 2009

Detroit (0-0, Road: 0-0)
xNew Orleans (0-0, Home: 0-0)

Miami (0-0, Road: 0-0)
xAtlanta (0-0, Home: 0-0)

Jacksonville (0-0, Road: 0-0)
xIndianapolis (0-0, Home: 0-0)

NY Jets (0-0, Road: 0-0)
xHouston (0-0, Home: 0-0)

xMinnesota (0-0, Road: 0-0)
Cleveland (0-0, Home: 0-0)

Denver (0-0, Road: 0-0)
xCincinnati (0-0, Home: 0-0)

xPhiladelphia (0-0, Road: 0-0)
Carolina (0-0, Home: 0-0)

xDallas (0-0, Road: 0-0)
Tampa Bay (0-0, Home: 0-0)

Kansas City (0-0, Road: 0-0)
xBaltimore (0-0, Home: 0-0)

xSt. Louis (0-0, Road: 0-0)
Seattle (0-0, Home: 0-0)

Washington (0-0, Road: 0-0)
xNY Giants (0-0, Home: 0-0)

San Francisco (0-0, Road: 0-0)
xArizona (0-0, Home: 0-0)

Chicago (0-0, Road: 0-0)
xGreen Bay (0-0, Home: 0-0)

Monday September 14, 2009

Buffalo (0-0, Road: 0-0)
xNew England (0-0, Home: 0-0)

xSan Diego (0-0, Road: 0-0)
Oakland (0-0, Home: 0-0)

I will review how I did next Tuesday.


Olivier said...

la saison de NFL va enfin commencer, le problème c'est qu'en France, on ne voit les matchs avec 24h ou 48h de décalages....le plus dur étant de ne pas connaitre les résultats ;o))
The NFL season will finally begin, the problem is that in France, we see the games with 24h or 48h shifts .... the hardest is not knowing the results o))

Small City Scenes said...

I will explore the inside. Who knows what treasures may be found. Ya never know.

Seattle will win!!!

B SQUARED said...

I agree with all you picks. Miami/Atlanta is a toss up with an edge to the Birds in the Dome. The barn wasn't an old bookie operation by chance?

Jacob said...

Love old barns, red or otherwise. And I think you should investigate what's inside...just make sure you wear long pants, boots and gloves!

And bring your camera, of course.

Who find some really interesting things...

Tricia said...

I'd like to explore it with a few stipulations, though! No ticks, chiggers, snakes, or rodents & that's probably impossible from the looks of it! hehehe

thefullcount2 said...

Your picks are almost identical to mine with just a couple of differences.

I know the Rams are your boys but Seattle is gonna destroy them. I also have DA BEARS getting the W at Lambeau Field.

Halcyon said...

It does look like a neat place to explore.