Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Terrell Daily Photo is 2 years old

No special photo today, but I do like this one. It was taken after a good rain. I set up the tripod in my driveway and pointed the camera towards Moore Ave. As a car would go down the street, I would take the picture. This is a cars tail lights and the lights being reflected in the water on the side of the road. This is also post #735, next stop post # 1000.

The last year has been fun trying to find a picture to post every day, it has also been a learning experience. Before I look forward to the next year, let me look back over the last year.

One of the things I wanted to do this past year was take more sports photos. I think I did a pretty good job of that.

I went to a couple of Tiger football games, which was a first time I went to a high school football game since I was high school. Not sure how many I will go to this year. They don't make it easy to take pictures there.

I followed and photographed the Tiger baseball teams historic season. I am already looking forward to next year.

I also went to as many basketball and soccer games as I could.

I have been to a few City Council meetings and I am finding out how City government works.

I got used to carrying my camera everyplace I go.

I also found out that you have to get it in matter what it is. There are a lot of people how want something for nothing, that will take your work and pass it off as their own. Promise you one thing and deliver nothing. Jealous people who would like to see you fail, and of course people you cant please no matter what you do. I guess I had to find to find out the hard way.

Below are my New Years resolutions, I am getting there.

Resolution 1. Get more involved in my community.--I am getting there. I am working on the Terrell Photo Walk that will be on July 18 (sign up by clicking on the Terrell banner on the right.) I will continue to pop in on the City Council meetings.

Resolution 2. Get to the gym more.-- I have been pretty good about going to the gym. I haven't really lost any weight, but I can tell its moved around some.

Resolution 3.Paint the outside of the house (carryover from 2008).-- OK get back to me at the end of the year.

Looking ahead to year 3
I want the Photo Walk to be successful and fun.
I hope the 2010 Terrell Tigers sports teams have banner years.
I want the Mustang Warriors all return home soon and safe.
I look forward to reading the Terrell Tribune every day and keeping in touch with what's going on in town.
I will watch Big Brother 11, yell at my computer and TV knowing I could do better than anyone in the house. CBS, Channel 11 could have at least had a cast call in Dallas or Terrell. They had a great turnout in Terrell for the Survivor casting call.
Finally, I look forward to continue to posting pictures every day..... sometimes two a day and more commentary.

Oh..poison ivy sucks, and I think I have more links than Michael, that's hard to do. Be sure to take a peek at all of the links to the right, we have some good local blogs worth reading.