Saturday, June 6, 2009

No Tres Pass

I guess now days a scarecrow will not work.

The State of Texas has an online database to help people to search for unclaimed property. A few years ago, I noticed my name on it. I was overcharged by a dental clinic and the money was never paid back to me. I got a check in the mail for $180. It had been unclaimed because I didn't know about it. Have you ever lived or done business in Texas? Check to see if your name is listed. I noticed the city of Terrell has quite a few unclaimed items on the list. I guess there is a reason why they are on the list.

Texas Unclaimed property

June 13 & 14 the North Texas Antique Tractor and Engine Club will have their annual Tractor and Engine show at Ben Gill Park. Be sure to come out to Terrell and see all of the displays.

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Jacob said...

The only thing missing on this sign is a picture of a gun and the words,
"Violators will be shot!"

Congrats on the $180...not the lottery, but a nice surprise, nonetheless.

imac said...

Nice work and well spotted.

Hilda said...

At least we have a valid excuse for out flubs, that English isn't our first language ;)

That's a wonderful bonus! And amazingly (for me) honest of your dental clinic. I also envy you that website — most of our government agencies are still stuck in the pre-digital era.

Hilda said...

Oops, "our," not "out."

alicesg said...

Hahaha, that's a nice scarecrow out there.

B Squared said...

I was on one of those lists and the documentation they wanted was not worth the effort.