Saturday, June 20, 2009

Terrell Photo Walk

Join us on July 18 at 10am for a Photo Walk around Terrell. Click the Terrell banner to the right to register.

Feel free to look around Terrell Daily Photo. You can use the box in the upper left to search the blog, or click on one of the labels at the end of each post. You can always click on any picture for a larger view.

I started my site just over two years ago, with the goal to simply put pictures of Terrell, Texas on the web and to show the good side of Terrell. Monday through Friday I usually have something posted by 6:30AM. Weekends I am flexible, depending on whats going on in town.

I am a sports nut, many of you may have seen me at Terrell sporting events with my point and shoot. I didn't attend Terrell High School, but I love to root for the home team. I also love to take pictures at night.

I take my camera with me everywhere I go. I always look at things wondering if it would make a good picture. I also have videos posted on You Tube of happenings around Terrell. Be sure to check them out. Be sure to check out the other local bloggers listed to the right.

If you have any ideas let me know? Please don't reuse any of these pictures without my permission.