Monday, June 29, 2009

Shaved Ice

Have you ever had shaved ice? Saturday, we stopped off at Bahama Bucks in Rockwall on the way home from Bass Pro Shops. With the temperature hovering around 100 degrees fahrenheit or 37.7 celsius, shaved ice hits the spot. Its not a sno-cone, it's better than a sno-cone. Saturday I had black cherry. I think on my next stop I will get either apple or lemon flavor, they are suppose to be really tart.

Click the picture to enlarge, the bottles on the wall are just some of the different flavors they have.

We saw The Hangover over the weekend. Awesome movie, I was laughing so hard my stomach hurt. It's rated R so it might not be for everyone.

Updating yesterdays post, the photo blogger who was arrested in Iran has been released to his family. He has posted a short update on his site.

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Olivier said...

non, je ne connais pas,mais quand il fait si chaud, cela doit ĂȘtre bon.
no, I do not know, but when it is so warm, it must be good.

Neva said...

You are the second person today who said The Hangover was good. I am about 20 years behind on my movies but it sounds like one we should catch!

Julie said...

I love shaved ice, especially with watermelon flavoring. I am glad you enjoyed the coyote in my backyard photo today. It was quite a surprise to see at breakfast.

alicesg said...

Yummy for a hot day.

We have ice shavings with ingredients.

It is Ice Kachang, just added some ice shavings, ingredients like red beans, etc, more ice shavings and top with sweet coloured syrup and coconut milk.

Ice Kachang is a modern version of our Ice Ball which I ate during my childhood, same method only it is shaped like a ball. Ice Ball is no longer around anymore, so sad.

B SQUARED said...

Had sno-cones but never shaved ice. Sounds like the perfect thing for a hot day.

Tanya said...

We have a little shack down the road called Bahama Mama's with shaved ice. They must have a gazillion flavor combos!

Jacob said...

I'm surprised, Jim, I didn't know you liked tarts! ;-)

My favorite would be the black cherry!

I'll bet it did taste good!

Rambling Round said...

They have a lot of flavors! I think lemon would be perfect for a hot day.

Halcyon said...

My husband and I were just talking about shaved ice / sno cones the other day. I think we've got to find a good place around here!