Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I have posted pictures of Moore Ave. Here is the alley on the south side of Moore. There are plans to improve the parking along the alley which should help the businesses on Moore.

I can not believe the year is half over. I always say I wish it was Friday or the weekend. Truth is though, I don't want to skip any days. I am getting to old to want to wish days away.

...... but I will settle for a 2 day work week and 5 day weekends.

Fireworks Saturday night in Terrell.

Terrell Photo Walk on July 18.

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Small City Scenes said...

It does seem like the older we get the faster the time goes by. I suppose it is because we want to slow things down. I do like your work week idea though. MB

Olivier said...

une belle lumière qui tombe sur les immeubles
a nice light which falls on buildings

B SQUARED said...

Anything to help small business in this economy.

Tanya said...

Love that warm glow on the buildings...yes, time goes by quicker and quicker doesn't it?!

JM said...

Very cool shot! Also like the paragraph right under the pic!

Jacob said...

Beautiful sky here!