Tuesday, June 16, 2009

63 Thunderbird

Anyone in the market for a 1963 Thunderbird?

The car is a year older than I am, so that must make it about 24 years old.

To see the price, click on the picture for a larger view. The price is on the windshield.

With the space shuttle Endeavour set to launch Wednesday, I have found another astronaut to follow on Twitter, Mark Polansky will be sending down twitter messages during the mission.

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Olivier said...

c'est une belle voiture de collection,j'aime bien son design.
it is a nice car of collection, I like his design.

B Squared said...

A true classic.

Rambling Round said...

Looks to be in fairly good shape to be so old!

Small City Scenes said...

24, are you THAT old. Does Rambling round mean you or the car? ha!
I couldn't make out the price so since the car looks pretty I will figure it's more than I want to spend. MB

Chris said...

I just saw an old T-Bird the other day. . . .kind of a turquoise color. Weird!

I think you might know this is coming and why, but you might want to check it out: (PS. . .If you make it out to LV, maybe we can have a drink!)

I know I have been very quiet lately, and I apologize. There's an explanation on my blog post from yesterday and today if you want to check it out.

I also apologize for this cut-and-paste comment. I just want to let everyone know what's going on.

JM said...

The car is a beauty!

Eric Salsbery said...

That is my favorite T-Bird body style. It is a beauty.

alicesg said...

That's a real beauty.

Lynette said...

Jim, that's a great photo of a pretty car. I wonder if anyone in NYC got any still shots of Vickers and crew the other day? Too bad you weren't there to take a photo for us. Those rainbow photos are really good--it's so difficult to capture something that changes so quickly, isn't it? I thoroughly enjoyed catching up with your blog--so happy to see the Carnegie Library!

Jacob said...

When I was growing up, the Thunderbird was the epitome of class, elegance and money! It was the ultimate dream.

Great memory jerker!

D said...

Love this car! And the tractor posts too!
Thank for the links to news from Iran.