Monday, June 8, 2009

Forney money grab? - Updated

Updated-A decision has been made, Obstructed View has the story up. I look forward to reading more in tomorrows Tribune.

Today's Kaufman County Commissioners meeting should be interesting. Sundays print edition of the Terrell Tribune has the story about what seems to me to be a money grab by Forney our neighbor to the west. If you are in the Terrell area, go pick up a Tribune and give it a read. Micheal has posted his feeling on the issue at Obstructed View. At issue is funding for two bridges. One in Forney that will cross highway 80 and provide the opportunity for FUTURE retail development and growth. The other bridge is the highway 34 overpass of highway 80, that has been part of a master plan for years. There is not enough money to complete both projects. The current intersection in Terrell is an accident waiting to happen. Below are pictures of the current intersection of 34 & 80 in Terrell. I would post pictures of the proposed bridge site in Forney, but everyone knows what corn fields look like. I am sure somehow both projects will get built, but I will be keeping an eye on the Tribune to see how this plays out.

The photo below is the 34/80 intersection looking west on 80.

This is 34/80 looking east on 80.

This is 34 looking south. At highway 80 you have to turn, you can not go straight.
The proposed bridge will cross over 80 and take away this dangerous intersection.

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I went and saw this Saturday night, wish I would have seen this.

The new Dallas Cowboys stadium opened in Arlington, Texas Saturday with a George Strait concert. The opening was met with positive reviews. One of the local TV stations interviewed a couple who looked and sounded like they had been to a few Grateful Dead concerts. They said after paying $40 to park (that's to park in a stadium lot) that concert was cool, the munchies were expensive and the stadium was awesome dude.