Thursday, June 4, 2009

Buford Drugs

On Moore Avenue at night. I am sure this sign would cost quite a bit to have it refurbished, but I bet it would look neat.

The poison ivy I got is driving me up a wall, come on calamine lotion, WORK.

The 81st session of the Texas Legislature just ended. One of the proposals that didn't even make it for a vote was a statewide smoking ban. The measure would ban smoking in almost all indoor public places, including bars and restaurants. Many Texas towns have some version of a smoking ban in place, but I don't think Terrell has one. I really don't care if they ban smoking in bars or restaurants. I smoked or over 20 years but I quit 4 years ago. I still usually sit in the smoking section because that's where they have the TVs and there is always sports on. It doesn't bother me, I know before I go in that I have a choice.

However, there has to be some law about smoking in convenience stores.......right? Not just in Terrell, but everywhere. I always find myself standing in line behind someone who has a cigarette in their mouth, puffing away, blowing smoke. They usually flip their ashes on the store floor, or throw the butt on the ground outside near gas pumps. Cigarette smoke is not only not healthy, its disgusting. I asked one store owner why they allow people to smoke inside the store. I was told if they ask customers to put it out, they would spend their money someplace else. Do me a favor, if you smoke, put it out in an ashtray before going into the store. I would hate to turn into one of those UGLY ex-smokers.

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Jacob said...

Love those old signs!

B Squared said...

25 years ago last week, welcome to a great fraternity of ex-smokers. Love the sign. Would be incredibly expensive to replace today.

Small City Scenes said...

Great vintage sign. Very cool. No smoking in any stores or just about anywhere up here.

Go to Buford Drugs and get some 'IVY-DRY super' it works great for Poison oak or ivy. go---now!!


Buenos Aires Photoblog said...

I'm torn when it comes to smoking. Smokers doesn't bother me either. Nonetheless, I think regulation is needed but it should be both nonsmoker protection and free spaces for smokers. Anyway, I love that Buenos Aires is a non-smoking city.

Buenos Aires Photo

Rambling Round said...

I like the sign, and I prefer no-smoking signs too!

Boise Diva said...

Sending thoughts of Calamine and oatmeal baths your way!

Betty said...

I so agree. I'm thrown on the smoking in convenience stores though. CA banned all of that in 1989. Or was that just in Irvine? Well anyway, AZ passed one in 2006 which is pretty ruthless, they even set up a "smoking police force" of about 6 people. I quit 4.5 years ago, the day my heart stopped. I still miss it and once in a while, I still follow the aroma of fresh cigarette smoke! But I wouldn't like to stand behind someone in line who's smoking.

JM said...

I love this sign! It's gorgeous!