Saturday, July 11, 2009

First half of 2009

Time to put up some new photos on my main photo. The photos in the new collage were all taken in the first have of 2009.

The old header photo one last time.

Almost all of the photos above were posted on Terrell Daily Photo at some point in 2008 or 2009. Links to the original posts below.

City Barber Shop was posted Feb 8, 2009
First National Bank was posted Feb 3, 2009
Survivor Tryouts was posted Jan 3, 2009
Moon, Venus, Jupiter was posted Dec 2, 2008
Fog was posted Dec 18, 2008
Terrell basketball
Terrell Fire Department
Terrell City Council was posted Aug 20. 2008
Rainy night was posted Oct 7, 2008
Wow was posted Sep 2, 2008
Moore Ave. sunrise was posted Dec 12, 2008
Fall colors was posted Nov 29, 2008
Dark Alley was posted Nov 19, 2008
Jr. Riders was posted Jan 13, 2009
Tiger Cheer and Tigerettes was posted Jan 22, 2009

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