Thursday, January 22, 2009

Terrell Cheer and Tigerettes

A few more pictures from Tuesday nights basketball game.

The Terrell Cheerleaders are at almost every game cheering the team on.

The Tigerettes dance team performed their competition jazz routine at halftime.

And related to yesterdays mascot picture, by the end of the game it was the Terrell Tiger mascot was doing what all good mascots do, cheering up the sad little kids.


Olivier said...

c'est sympathique tous ces spectacles pendant le match, j'aime les matchs américains, il se passe toujours quelque chose dans le stade.

is nice all these shows during the game, I like the American game, there is always something in the stadium.

Tanya said...

LOL what a good mascot, cheering up the little boys :)

Our mascot is a Cavalier (Lord Botetourt Cavaliers) and it's a cute girl who wears a cool hat and carries a sword and does hula hoop tricks, little boys are in love with her hee hee.

Boise Diva said...

It's great all the entertainment at high school basketball games - and where are all the people?

Betty Flocken said...

I love all these pictures. Great shot of the mascot

crittoria said...

I like to watch the dancers perform, and the cheerleaders - they are so athletic. The mascot is cute and I hope he was able to cheer them up.