Sunday, January 4, 2009

The rest of the Survivor tryout photos

I feel much better after getting a nights rest. Yesterday didn't tire me out so much as when I was finished we went and ate at a Chinese buffet. Eating tired me out.

My first picture is Jennifer #400. She was right behind me in line. After we made our way through the line and in the door we saw that you had to get up and speak to the camera in front a room of would-be contestants. There were some that got to give their spiel in another room with just a camera person and an assistant. I was lucky enough to be able to give my speech in the smaller room. Watching others get up and speak you could see how nervous they were, I am sure I came across the same way. Jennifer, did very well, she looked comfortable. She also left me a comment on yesterdays post.

Here are the pictures leading up to getting in front of the camera.

You could see some people came prepared for the wait. They must have done this before. Can you tell the temperature got up to 82ºF today?

As we got to the front of the line, we were handed numbers.

Dallas area radio station Movin 107.5 was there giving away prizes. I correctly answered three trivia questions and won a Movin 107.5 t-shirt.

Once we made it inside we finally got to take a seat and wait our turn. Not much pressure here, right?

This guy wasn't nervous at all.

Now we wait to see if we get called back sometime in March.

I had a great time and if I don't make it this time, there is always Big Brother and Amazing Race and then the next edition of Survivor.

Thanks to CBS11TV, Movin 107.5 and Randall Noe for bringing this out to Terrell. I hope all 500 people spent a little bit of money here. :-)

BTW, my fortune cookie said "You will take a chance in the near future, and win."