Thursday, July 30, 2009


Have you ever started something, got sidetracked, got sidetracked again, then forget what you were doing to start with? That's they way I was last night.

I finally hooked my scanner back up. I promised a friend that I would scan some pictures from the 80s and send them to him. Once I got it hooked up, I had to find where I put the pictures.

While looking for the pictures I found some old football and hockey trading cards from the 70s. I started looking through the cards, remembering some and not finding all of them. Before I knew it I was digging for more cards. I know I have a Walter Payton rookie card somewhere. I did find a couple of Dick Butkus and a Randy White rookie card. I also have some old hockey cards from the 78-79 season.

While looking for more cards I saw some old VHS tapes that were not labeled. I wondered what could be on them. I pulled them out, there were 3 of them. Tape number 1 was all Big Brother 2 from the summer of 2001. Tape number 2 all Big Brother 5. Tape number 3 was all static, chances are good it was Big Brother.

I never did find the pictures I was looking for.

Oh, my picture for today is my messy cubicle at work. I took the photo on Monday, I don't remember why.

More rain coming morning, this line of storms looks bad. Terrell is on the right and the storms are moving from the left. The radar is from They just activated the weather sirens and the rain is starting. No time for visiting friends sites this morning.

Big Brother is on tonight. I think I just remembered where there are some more trading cards.........