Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Obstacles and objectives

When mowing some objects are easier to see than others.

The Kaufman Herald has a story up about the unveiling of the 4/5 th replica of the Vietnam Memorial Wall that will take place on November 7th in Kaufman, Texas. I will make sure I am there. Last year, I posted photos on August 31 and September 8 of the delivery of the wall to Kaufman County on August 30th.

We got a little rain yesterday and had a nice rain shower this morning.

I am still trying to decide which photo to select to send on to the Worldwide Photo Walk contest.

I admit I am a Big Brother addict, I have watched every season and tried out 4 times. As a group, the house guests in BB11 are shaping up to be the meanest and nastiest of any year. I would fit right in that house.

I have also tried out 2 times for Survivor and once for Amazing Race. CBS TV11 is hosting an Amazing Race audition this Saturday in Lewisville, but I dont think I will be able to make it..........oh well, some day.......

With Fantasy Football season right around the corner, for my money, Footballguys.com is the best fantasy site around. The best football insider is Matt Mosley from ESPN.

Today's post screams geek, dork, nerd and that's not just because Mosley's name is mentioned.

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