Sunday, August 31, 2008

Vietnam Memorial Wall of Texas, Kaufman, Texas

I know I promised band pictures today, but they will have to come later in the week.

The Vietnam Memorial Wall of Texas made its way to Kaufman, Texas on Saturday. The wall has been traveling the country for the last 10 years. It was purchased by Kaufman County with the help of the American Legion, VFW, the Marine Corps League and the citizens of Kaufman County. The 4/5ths scale replica of the Washington D.C. Memorial will go on permanent display at Kaufman County Veterans Memorial. Donations are still needed, visit Kaufman Herald for a complete story and details on how to help.

State Rep. Betty Brown spoke Saturday morning. This is her reflection in the Veterans Memorial at the Kaufman County Veterans Memorial Park. This is not the Vietnam Wall of Texas but one of the many monuments they have at the park.

Here is a better picture of Betty speaking. Who is that guy taking notes with a camera around his neck?

Last is a clip of Steve Doty, one of the partners who owned the wall reading a poem he wrote.

I have more photos of the crowd that I will share later in the week.