Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Iris Theatre, Terrell, Texas, update

I got an update on the neon sign and a brief history lesson about the Iris Theatre.

Gayle, the owner of Books and Crannies sent me an email. The neon Iris sign will be lit up the night of September 1st. That is the 83rd anniversary of the opening of the theatre. She said the sign will be lit up every night at dark and turn off at midnight. M & M Lighting in Forney did the work and she said they were absolutely incredible to work with.

Davis Griffith-Cox also sent me an email about the theatre. He is the architectural restorationist and historian in charge of the project. The theatre was opened by owner, Leman Marshall on Sept.1, 1925. Its first feature was a movie staring Norma Tallmadge. Tickets cost 25 cents for adults. Its original neon colors of the sign are correct.

I cant wait until the 1st to see the sign turned on.

You will notice in the photo the sign has a request for anyone who may have pictures of the building prior to the 1960s. From what I can tell there may be other plans in the works for the facade. I am sure there will be more to come........