Thursday, August 14, 2008

Come on over

Spotted at Terrell Municipal Airport last Sunday.

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bkenton said...
Hi - this is a great article and photos. I found this as I am researching the graves in the picture. I am a cousin of Vincent Cockman who is one of the 20 young airman buried in Terrell. I live in the UK. As a small child I remember meeting his mother - who was my grandmother's aunt. I am in Dallas TX for a wedding in mid October and am planning on visiting the Oakland Memorial Park. If anyone can help me with directions to find Oakland from Dallas that would be very much appreciated. I also plan to visit the 1 BFTS museum in Terrell. My grandmother was his first cousin. Many thanks and congratulations on this great article.

Dont forget to check the link on the right for the Royal Air Force in Texas Fly In taking place in October.