Thursday, July 16, 2009

Survival of the fittest...or something like that

Wonder what happened to this guy?


I guess this beats a bird or mouse on the porch. Cat sure is playful.

I wonder how may people who have commented here have ever been to a Terrell City Council meeting? People love to complain (me too) but when you constantly complain about elected officials then don't run yourself when the time comes, its time to shut up. We just had an election in Terrell. My City Council person ran unopposed. Sounds to me like we said he was doing a good job, keep it up. It could be like in Congress, everyone wants to replace Congress, just not their representative everyone else.

I wonder if Christina will be making plans to go to this?

My pictures are in no way related to my comment about the City Council :-)

Saturdays Photo Walk should be fun. It looks like the weather may give us a break and I have confirmation that we will be able to walk the grounds of the Griffith Homeplace. The walk will be in two parts, the homeplace and the downtown area. If you have signed up I should be sending out an email tonight with more details. If you haven't signed up yet, click on the banner to the right.

I know we are in Texas, but I am tired of the heat, its 84 degrees already.

I tried to stay up last night to watch Paul McCartney (he is a lefty) on Letterman. I fell asleep before he performed. I just watched his concert on top of the marquee on Facebook, it is AWESOME.

I saw a commercial for Amazing Race tryouts on August 1st in Lewisville. That sounds like a plan.

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