Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Abandoned building

This is the old north campus of Medical Center at Terrell. The building is for sale and has been empty for a while. Is that a light on in the window? Answer at the bottom of the post.

Click the picture to enlarge.

August 1st is Monthly Theme Day in the City Daily Photo world. The theme is NIGHT, after sports, my favorite type of shot. I have been out after dark scouting spots for a good shot for the 1st. I liked this one, but its not Theme day material

I am close to picking a winner for the Terrell Photo Walk.

So Brett Farv-ra is going to stay retired. Big Deal.

When I was growing up I listened to all types of music. Hall and Oates was a favorite of mine. I saw them in concert with ELO and I am not ashamed to admit they were great. Live From Daryl's House is Daryl Halls online music show, this month he brought Plain White T's to his farm. Give the Plain White T's a listen then check out the past shows.

I keep getting emails for free hotel rooms in Las Vegas........

More heavy rain today? Looks like it.

We draw for draft positions in my fantasy football league today.

That's not a light in the window it is the tail light of a car reflecting in the window.


Olivier said...

les photos de nuits sont souvent les plus difficiles, mais c'est vrai je suis comme toi j'adore ├ža (et aussi les photos de sports).
night photographs are often the most difficult, but that's true I am as you I love this (and also the photographs of sports).

Kate said...

Good morning, Jim K! I've missed a few days commenting, but I'm back. Your abandoned building may be scary, but Favre coming to Minnesota could have been scary, too. I grew up in Grb and now live in MN. I'm still a rabid Packer fan, surrounded by Vikings, even in my own family. Favre has gone from hero to villian with me. What a merry-go-round!

Hilda said...

If it's abandoned, why is there a light on? Creepy!

Small City Scenes said...

Old buildings at night come alive with creepy happenings. Could that be a light? Did you find out?
theme photo is going to be fun. MB

B SQUARED said...

Wonder how long Brett's retirement will last?

Boise Diva said...

It does look like a windy Halloween night spooky shot.

Tricia said...

Coulda fooled me! 502, on the building, is the room number in the haunted Waverly Hills Sanatorium Tuberculosis Hospital where a nurse hung herself.

Maybe we can all go sometime! LoL!

JM said...

I feel some attraction to abandoned buildings, I allways think what I would do with them. Nice night shot!

alicesg said...

Yikes, I dont think I like to be in a dark empty abandoned building. Sounds so scary.