Monday, July 13, 2009

Terrell Photo Walk July 18th

More information will be passed along this week for the Terrell Photo Walk on July 18th. Terrell is one of 915 Photo Walks world wide. There is still space available to sign up. Click here or on the banner to the right.

There seemed to be a lot more traffic in town yesterday. Must have been everyone going out to Ham's Orchard.

I spent time in the Air Force, so when I read this my first thought was, good luck with that.

The break for the Major League Baseball All Star game is here. My Cardinals are in first place. The Rangers, not so much.

Today will be the 6th day in a row of 100 degree temperatures.

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Olivier said...

voila une fĂȘte sur la photo qui doit ĂȘtre sympathique.
a fete on the photograph veiled which must be nice.

Rambling Round said...

A photo walk sounds fun! Will you have some of your pictures on display?

Good luck staying cool in that horrid heat wave!

Jacob said...

Hi this picture supposed to represent a lot of traffic? I was wondering where all the cars were... ;-)

Maybe everyone is simply fleeing the heat!

Jim K said...

You dont know Terrell afternoon traffic, normally its a ghost town. Plus I wanted for the light to turn red down the road.

JM said...

I think I remember the building on the right from one of your previous posts. True?