Thursday, July 9, 2009

Terrell Head Football Coach Chris Gilbert

Terrell head football coach Chris Gilbert gives direction from the sideline during the championship game of the 7 on 7 tournament that was held Tuesday night in Forney, TX.

Cliff Gibson, sports editor for the Tribune, has his early assessment of the Terrell Tigers here.

If you missed checking the Tribune yesterday, one of my photos is here.

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Olivier said...

le maƮtre du jeu : The Coach. Impressionnant, c'est un ancien joueur ?
the master of game: The Coach. Impressing, it is an ancient player?

B SQUARED said...

It won't be long now before the real thing.

Rambling Round said...

Football is sneaking up on us!

Kate said...

Good coaches are great mentors for young athletes.

Dan said...

Oh my, it must be awefully hot to be playing football right now!

As for the Mac-town Marshalls. You ought to come out and take in a game. Admission is $4.00! The stadium is at 121 and Alma so, as long as there are no construction delays, it is easy to get too.

My only whine is that there is a net between the field and the stands. You can make it 'disappear' most of the time by getting close and using a large f-stop