Friday, February 19, 2010

Skywatch Friday- Baseball, finally!

I have been waiting for baseball season since last years playoffs. The regular season hasn't started yet, but the Tigers did scrimmage against the Kaufman Lions last night. How could I resist not making my Skywatch Friday picture from the field. Click to enlarge.

More Skywatch Friday sites are here.

I will post a few more baseball shots from last night in my Friday bonus post later today.


brian stout said...

i like the colors, especially this time of the day before sunset =)

J Bar said...

Great sky.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

LV said...

You seem to always find something very pretty to capture in Terrell. Nice job.

Jacob said...

This is a terrific shot, Jim! What great colors and it all works perfectly with the baseball action in the foreground.

Re: your question - I don't know if these horses have raced, but we have hundreds of horse farms raising thoroughbreds and a number of Ocala horses have won in the big time!

Rambling Round said...

Your blog keeps reminding me to get outdoors and see what's happening!

Andrée said...

Oh, how cruel!! In the middle of a huge snowstorm and to be teased with baseball!!

(Thank you!!)