Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Make it stop

It has been cold and rainy for what feels like weeks. We are suppose to get a break from the rain, but not the cold.........and its suppose to snow Thursday. The weather has already cause the cancellation of the Terrell baseball scrimmage that was scheduled for today. Its probably only a matter of a day or so before the scrimmages scheduled for Saturday are cancelled.

I added photos from the 2009 Terrell Photo Walk to the Terrell Daily Photo Facebook fan page. Click the link to the right and become a fan.

I wonder what they would say if Kyle Busch did this? This will be Kyles year, starting with this weekends Daytona 500.


B SQUARED said...

I don't think the weather is good anywhere this winter.

Olivier said...

belle photo de nuit, de belle lumiere.
J'ai perdu mon pari, j'etais pour les Colts, mais bravo aux Saints

Lois said...

That is a pretty shot even though the weather is not so great.

brian stout said...

I love the colors in these night shots... They're so eerie looking.

Jacob said...

Stop complaining. Northeast Texas is always cold and rainy this time of year!

I live in Florida and it's cold and rainy here, too. But it's against the law for it to be cold and rainy in Florida, and I'm really pissed!

Lynette said...

Jim, you're a night-shot-master and a delusional Kyle Busch fan. And I really like you.