Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My vote counted

I early voted yesterday after work. Its only the party primaries, but many of the Kaufman County races are decided in the primary.

The Terrell Tribune must be swimming in ad money from so many candidates running for office.

Today's snow will probably keep the Terrell Tigers from kicking off the 2010 baseball season tonight in Crandall.

I didn't get a chance to link to this yesterday, but here is the
complete tournament schedule for the Benny Jones Classic baseball tournament that starts Thursday in Desoto.

I was reading the police report in Sundays print edition of the Terrell Tribune and I noticed Dexter Deshun Ward was arrested in the 1900 block of West Moore Aveune, theft less than $1500 with two or more previous convictions. Same person as the American Idol reject?

After reading the police report, I read this letter to the editor from Mr and Mrs. Denny Fraze.


Laurie Black said...

Oh Dexter...that child!

I wish the baseball team could have better weather this season...it's like a curse upon them so far. Perhaps spring will come soon!!

I need to go vote...thanks for the reminder!

brian stout said...

I don't know about swimming in ad money, but I wish there was a fact checker for some of their claims in the ads.. The letter to the editor was a nice refreshing reminder of what good people we have in our city and the area in general!

Olivier said...

j'espere qu'il fera beau, pour que commence bien la saison de Baseball

Kate said...

Voting in primaries is more important than many people think; it's where candidates are decided and I think one's vote counts far more!

Michael Gresham said...

*cough* *cough* Were there political ads in the newspaper? I didn't notice. ;)

B SQUARED said...

There I times I wonder if this winter will ever end.

Jacob said...

More snow? Do any Democrats have a chance in the primaries. Who's Dexter Deshun Ward?