Monday, February 8, 2010

Monday Morning Mashup

World Champion New Orleans Saints. Sounds good. What a game yesterday. It's sad one team had to lose, I like them both. To be honest, I only watched the last few minutes. My Monday Bonus post will explain why.

Saturday night we went to the Terrell Bowling Center, first time in 10 years. I forgot how much fun bowling is. My high out of 4 games was 189.

The Terrell Tigers baseball team is suppose to begin scrimmaging this week, but the weather will probably change those plans. It seems this happens every year. Here is the full varsity baseball schedule.

The boys and girls basketball teams play their final home games of the year this week. Senior night for the girls is Tuesday night. Parents night for the boys is Friday night.

Brian has some neat shots of Terrells past posted at Texas Daily Photo.

Check back after noon for the Monday Bonus Post.


Small City Scenes said...

They always say--"may the best team win" and I guess it did. MB

B SQUARED said...

I watched till the interception, then, lights out. Haven't bowled in years.

Jacob said...

I didn't watch.

Love bowling. 189 is darn good!

Lynette said...

World Champion New Orleans Saints sounds really, really good, Jim. Glad you had a great time bowling--impressive score!

Did you go audition for a TV reality show? I'll have to check after work today!

Rambling Round said...

Looks like you got "bowled over!" Nice lanes.