Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Terrell Nike missile site control area

Last April I took a few pictures of the control area of the abandoned Nike Missile site that was in Terrell during the early part of the cold war. I wanted to make another trip out to the site with my new camera and zoom lens.

Here is what I posted about the site in April 2009.

Part of Terrell's unique history is its place as host to a Nike Missile site during the 1960's. Terrell was one of four missile sites that ringed Dallas. The other three sites were in Denton, Mineral Wells and Alvarado. The purpose of the missile site was to protect Dallas-Fort Worth area from Soviet bombers. The missile site was divided into two areas. One was the launching area, that area is private property that is hidden from street view. The other is the control area. Today's photos are whats left of the control area. The area is private property, so the pictures were taken from the street through a fence. It would be neat to be able to walk around the grounds of this and the launching area. Maybe someday a marker will be put up explaining what the site was for. I am sure what's left of the site will be gone in a few more years.

My trip out to the site on Sunday was a bit of a surprise. It looks like they are going to improve the road where the control area is located. The fence surrounding the area had been pulled back and part of the area looks like its being used for storage. It did cross my mind that since the fence was down, I could walk up to the area and get pictures. The second picture explains why I didn't try to get a closer look, and its still private property. I am not sure if whats left of the site will survive the new road.

My reason for not trying to get closer is pictured below.