Wednesday, February 24, 2010

You think they clean themselves?

The windows of American National Bank on Moore Avenue.

When you eat lunch on a budget you have to find the sales and special offers. This past Monday was the last day that Dickey's Barbecue was offering pulled pork sandwiches for just $1. It was a special they were offering every Monday in January and February. I noticed the last few Mondays that everyone in line was getting 2 sandwiches a side and a drink. Just because they were $1 doesn't mean that you need two sandwiches. I wonder if they would be getting two sandwiches if they were normal price? These guys were making pigs of themselves.......really.

Today lunch was Popeyes. A leg and thigh is only .99 cents on Tuesdays. I made my way to up to order and was asked how many specials I wanted. I watched others order 2 and 3 specials with sides and a drink. I think the cheap prices don't save anyone money, just just makes them fatter. I bought 1 special and a side but no drink. I think they overcharged me. I didn't say anything though, I was chicken.

Yesterdays Tiger baseball game was canceled because of the wet weather and the field condition. Next scheduled game is Thursday in the Desoto Tournament, rain is still in the forecast for Friday.


Jacob said...

These window washers have a good deal. In the old days they'd be on rickety ladders reaching over and above and below as far as they could; then they'd have to climb down and move the ladder to another spot.

Re: your discussion of food - most times, less is more!

Olivier said...

cela ne doit pas ĂȘtre facile a utiliser ces grands balais

B SQUARED said...

Let us know if Dickey's is offering that special next year.

Lois said...

I think you are right about those food specials! I guess people feel like they want to take advantage while they can, but it seems unhealthy to me.