Monday, April 7, 2008

Dallas 2 Dallas for Wet Noses

Saturday on our way to Canton we stopped at a store to get a drink in Elmo, TX. Elmo is just a few miles from Terrell. In the parking lot was this van. On the side of the van it said Dallas to Dallas for wet noses, I had to get a picture and then look it up when we got home. It’s a bike ride from Dallas, TX to Dallas GA. to raise awareness for the need to spay, neuter, and adopt pets, and to raise funds for various shelters and humane societies along the route. You can track the progress of the ride on their website.

I didn’t see the bike rider, so I figured he was up the road somewhere. I put my camera on video and started recording. I found him a few hundred yards up the highway. The photo is fuzzy, it's a still from the video.