Sunday, April 6, 2008

Canton Trade Days

To follow up on my picture from yesterday about Canton Trade Days. Canton is about 25miles east of Terrell and has a population of just over 5000 during most days of the month. The weekend of the first Monday of the month, Canton hosts the First Monday trade days, which brings in up to 7000 vendors and up to 300,000 shoppers. After walking around part of the grounds yesterday I would believe it.

I found over a half dozen websites devoted to 1st Monday. Here are two of them.
1st Monday
First Monday Canton

I never noticed how many scooters are rented. They were everywhere yesterday. It reminded me of the Seinfeld episode where a gang of elderly people on scooters chases George down the sidewalk.

This is one of the many covered pavilions for vendors and shoppers.

This place is called dog alley. Here you can find everything from small ducks and chicks to ponys and mules.

Maybe I will post a few more tomorrow.